Thursday, August 30, 2007


the boss called me to her room, closed the door shut, and...

gave me this for a project well done

A gift card to Teashi on Polk for any spa services rendered. The website is so pretty, I'm PSYCHED! Speaking of pretty things.

In developing Macarune, there's a lot of R&D (research and development) involved. That means testing different macaroon recipes to see what works best on the taste buds. It also means learning how to accept that some recipes just don't work out. Broken less-than-perfect macaroons are a norm in R&D.

So when life hands you broken macaroons...

Make a table piece

Breaking news

We're going to Seattle soon, and I was looking up normalities like weather and fun stuff to do when I found this:


To think my parents question my distaste for the papers. I guess I learned I need a milkshake umbrella in Seattle.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brunch II with the girls: bacon N waffles!

Laura and Rachel threw a SWEET brunch, and I was lucky enough to be invited. Between the 4 of us, we shared 2 bottles of champagne, probably 20 skewers of fruit kebabs, 3 Mickey Mouse waffles, 3 Snoopy waffles, 6 fresh-from the oven blueberry muffins, 100 strawberries, a pan of frittata-ish quiche and lotsa home made apple sauce. Culinary lesson of the day: how to eat my waffles with bacon. It's better than McGriddles.

Thanks for organizing. It was so nice to catch up -- I'm glad you're all doing well.

We really have to do this more often.

Remembering the 1st boss' advice:

"STOP thinking (period)"

My biggest nightmare at work: rambling nervously during presentations.

My solution: practice, practice, practice.

Last night I prepped myself for a simple client presentation by reciting notes naked in a eucalyptus scented steam room, doing a mock version with the bf over dinner, creepily mumbling to myself all the way to sleep and subconsciously dreaming about more successful presentations to come. Today, the client called to postpone. I feel like a hopeful interviewee anticipating the day I’ll make it through, and finally score. Such is the life of a neurotic marketing associate cum perfectionist.

Monday, August 27, 2007

As sweet as a pint of strawberries

...and as "pint" as a pint of strawberries.

Borina and Terry haven't had a Macarune macaroon since the first tasting so I made them these. Strawberry macaroons sandwiched with smooth buttercream and fresh strawberries. Any berry-macaroon order can now be packaged by the pintful just like farmer's market berries.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Great day out

We spent the day in Capitola with some friends. It was sunny, breezy, and just plain lovely.

I know you feel like shooting me because I have the Jamie Oliver
repetitive-single-word-syndrome. His word: beautiful. Mine: lovely. I promise to read more books so as I provide a wider range of adjectives. For now, I can think of no other way to describe our day other than lovely.

The bf stayed till 11:30PM at the agency with me finishing up some work. Kisses to you. Despite that, we woke up earlier than usual to drive an hour south.
This license plate summed up all that was said in the car

Walk on the sand after breakfast at Zelda's

After reading this sign...

...I shouted, "Boy, don't go in the water! It's contaminated!"
He grinned and responded with an enthusiastic, "It's clean. I promise!"
It took quite a bit to resist joining in the fun

Terry in the sun

Terry and Borina

Borina said, "Look like you're in love" before snapping
I guess this is how dorks look when they're in love

Lil' builder at work

The kids' masterpiece

The sun was scorching hot
and LOVELY :)

Catch of the day

Pretending I have a dog

Glen and Kelly


Lil' girl playing with a golden retriever named Buddy

Borina playing with Buddy

Buddy sniffing Terry

C, T and B

Having fun at Anthropologie in Santana Row

Borina making a statement

Borina making an even bolder statement

Borina struck again!
Later on while I was trying on an Anna Sui dress, they left the store with "CHRIS IS BIG" on the wooden tiles!

The bf and I picking "vintage" knobs for the home

The night ended with BBQ'd chicken wings and oysters. I'm now half burned like a black and white cookie from sitting in the sun/shade at the same time. Nice.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Felt a tad bit fancy today

I had gotten Tsar Nicoulai caviar from the Ferry Building to eat with smoked salmon, and if I'm not too busy, blinis. But an ounce only last 4 days in the fridge. And a girl can only eat so much of the same thing before dying of boredom. So I made this:

Pappardelle pasta with scallops and caviar

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A friend once said:

"All you stress about is what you're going to bake tonight"

And tonight of all nights, as I sit in front of my laptop staring at a presentation deck thinking about a million different things, I can't help but snicker. Come to think of it, my mind hasn't been at ease since graduation. It's really not easy to do what seems like the simplest thing in the world: making your own living.

All my life, I grew up sheltered with everything handed to me. After graduation, I knew I could've maintained that pattern but I chose to steer away instead. As satisfying as the past 3 years have been, it's not like I'm any less stressed. There's a shit load of things to think about. Rent. Bills. Job security. Job performance. Family. Relationships. Personal development. Did I mention family?

Then I think about those who worry about whether or not their loved ones are cheating on them when they're in perfectly stable relationships. And those who concern themselves over wearing a too-long skirt, or dying their hair a too-blonde shade. To each its own I suppose. I'm not undermining other people's woes, but sometimes it's worth putting things into perspective. After all, I'm admittedly still thinking about what I'd like to bake tomorrow night. But that's number 99,999 on the list.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tourists for the day

Another lovely Sunday with the bf - this time not-so-lazy. We walked for miles and miles up and down the SF hills. Boy are we proud of ourselves. SF folks'd be stupid to waste sunny days away, especially when they're so hard to come by.

Perfect xiao long baos for twice the price of our usual dim sum place

Breakkie at Yank Sing

"Look what I found!"

"A magic bus"

Tribute to Garcia

Fooling around at Fort Mason

Candy apple treat by the pier

When we got home, the bf started his grill while I popped the bread in the oven and made some guacamole.

This is SO good I could eat it forever

The bf called this the "Jesus meal." Grilled trout rubbed with fleur de sel with capers and lemon and a side of bread and tomatoes

I've been asked many times why I call the bf, the bf and not "my bf." That's because "the bf" is a character, and I would rather not change that. It's kinda like the Bumblebeegrad or the RG (the reluctant gourmet, from Ruth Reichl's work at the NYT). Plus, I do call him all other things, but that's personal :)