Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It all started with raspberry macarons…

…jewel-like lemon thumbprints, lavender macarons, and coconut crisps. Which trailed off to more cookies. And even more cupcakes.

Then came the bright violet flowers in a pot… colorful mismatched mugs …and more flowers in pretty bright pink from Borina (thanks darling). Like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, I had a blast organizing yesterday’s tea party. With all the pinks and purples, it was no surprise that Lewis Caroll's story ended up being the theme (in my head).

Small and cozy with no one yelling “Off with her head!” Just how I like it.

The silly bf tried to help by
making browned butter frosting

Clockwise from left: Raspberry macarons,
lemon thumbprints,
raspberry thumbprints & lavender macarons

All set up

Gently crackling a basil eggling - gift from Siow Wei
More captioned pictures from her cam (link below):

Tea party

Takeaway box for everyone
Clockwise from left: coconut crisp, matcha cupcake with petal frosting,
hibiscus macaron, matcha cupcake, raspberry thumbprints (hidden: lemon thumbprints),
raspberry macarons, lavender macarons and coconut cupcake

Glad you could make it guys!
I can’t wait to hear your feedback on the stuff. *Hugs

Once our guests left, I put together a mini plate for the neighbor
(Clockwise from left: browned butter cookie sandwiches,
coconut cupcakes, assorted macarons)

...and the bf immediately
started prepping his grill for dinner

The Soprano's season finale, a glass of wine,
and fish grilled on cedar wood. Ahh... bliss


Olivia said...

did u overnight a box of goodies for me?? if i don't receive anything by 5pm, imma give u the benefit of a doubt n ASSUME the postal service screwed up...

sm said...

you should be a chef. this looks FANTASTIC!!! You are soo talented!!!

danielle bumblebee said...


thanks! i wished u could've tasted some of it.. next time.. for sure!


u know u need to earn it.. how bout another southwest roundtrip from burbank to sf? :p

Anonymous said...

Why does your boyfriend make retarded faces when he cooks?

Danielle Bumblebee said...

coz he's a cutie pie that's y! :)

anonymous: it's funny how ur comment didn't need to be moderated.. could it be u're "the bf"? hmm..

Tea Party Girl said...

AHHH~But what did you serve to DRINK??

Everything looks SO great~I wish you could bake at my parties~!

Theresa said...

wow. soooo pretty!! i'm sorry i didn't make it -- i was tied up in a meeting. :(

Danielle Bumblebee said...

tea party girl:

thanks! i'd looove to bake for ur tea parties.. any time u're in sf, i'll gladly take orders :) n of course, we served lotsa tea! specifically mighty leaf tea. after all what's a tea party without tea right? how did u stumble upon this blog btw?


there'll be another time.. i promise!

agrasshopper said...

It was an awesome party D!

everything was sooooo good, i know it, i was there!

thanks for the wonderful afternoon.

M said...

Damn, that looks so good, especially the cupcakes. Your macaroons all look so good too I found myself telling my husband all about them this weekend, the green tea ones, lavender ones . . . I keep thinking about them.

Do you sell the cupcakes too--the coconut ones and matcha ones look AMAZING. What about a variety pack like this? I would buy one asap!

Any chance you'd share your recipes?

You are an amazing baker, at least if your treats taste anywhere near as good as they look. I'll be looking for my invitation for the next tea party in the mail. Just kidding!

Danielle Bumblebee said...


hope u feel better! i'm actually putting cupcakes on my menu so look out for it.. only thing is, i can't do variety boxes (like citizen cake!) cause i'll b baking by the batches.. but if u have a party, u know who to look for! :)

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