Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Macarune weekend

Mmmmm... How I love the smell of butter, sugar and vanilla in the kitchen. If I could live in a gingerbread house I would :)

Treats of the day:

Remember these? Well, these are the same, just branded :)

And because I have some time to spare before dinner, here's a little collage on "How-(I-like)-to-eat-a-macaron":

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A heavenly silver themed event

After almost 15 years of being an item, 3 years since the first proposal in Maldives, 2 weeks of preparation, probably 6 hours of shopping for the right dress(es), 1 ROM and 1 glittery cocktail reception, it finally dawned on us that the long-awaited union of my big sister Vivienne and Danny is for real. Like for real.

I'm not one for toasts and super affectionate speeches during major events (I'm usually the one giggling inappropriately in the background) but it's important this time because it's the first in our family of 4 (giggly) sisters.

So here's a big congratulations to my dear sis and Danny: I wish you both a happy new beginning full of love and excitement, of joy and understanding, and of much togetherness forever after. Love you both!

The beautiful couple at the ROM

Rings, bouquet and pens in hand

Both dads as witnesses

All signed and good, and MARRIED!

I love this photo. My dad was beaming all day long, it was contagious

Family shot. Though because the bf took this one, he wasn't it it :( We'll have to wait for the photos from Viv's friend Kid @his Studio

The Hilton Catering crew and wedding planner Lan doing their thing

A garbage bin full of roses is like art to me :)

There were creamy white roses, hydrangeas, cala lilies and more white flowers that bloom in the night

Mom, sis and me

It rained when we arrived at the reception...

We helped set up the favors

Dad putting his shorthand to good use

The guest book

...and scented candle favors

The spread

The bubbly

The cake

The floral arrangements

The bride

The moms

The Addam's Family (??!)

The party. Can you spot the bride and groom?

Viv and Danny entertaining guests who were all dressed in white and silver

Cousin Fay doing Viv's hair

Chris playing with the lil' munchkin from Monster's Inc.

Isn't the resemblance uncanny? She even sounds like the cartoon

Cousin Fay, who is due for a Leo baby next month

Cousin Vilmos bringing out the homemade treats: lavender and vanilla bean macarons

The best man's speech

Money shot

Money shot II

Proud dads

Cake slicing ceremony! Yum

Silly billies whom I adore

Dad and the bf having a heart-to-heart

A fallen star

Love you sis! Hope you have a good rest after all that wedding craziness :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

A place to call my own

With such sparse updates on my blog, I should consider quitting it altogether. Not that it really matters cause my most avid fan seems to be Auntie Christine who once asked with genuine concern, "You haven't been blogging as often have you?" To which I resignedly nodded.

For once, after so long, I do have something to blog about besides work, work, Macarune and work.

Going back to the States this time around stirred a lot of fond recollections. I remember what it's like to sleep in the car during long afternoon drives with the sun on my face. Stepping out of my room without sweating buckets. Watching chatty chefs prepare seasonal vegetables at Chez Panisse behind the counter where the big bowl of bing cherries stand. Having a cocktail lunch by myself at Spruce after a cut and wash. Rummaging through racks of Theory work wear and weekend pieces by Elizabeth & James at Bloomie's. Or walking along familiar streets that were flat, steep, crooked and straight.

Some experiences were more comforting than others, such as drinking Throat Coat tea with local honey from the farmer's market and meeting old friends.

Others were new yet pleasant, such as staying at a lovely apartment in Pac Heights cooking dinner at an unfamiliar kitchen.

The least expected were ones that helped build character: taking a last minute flight to LA for a visa I should've prepared...

Everything seemed so natural. So real. As if we never left. But we did. And now we're back, our luggages bursting with Reese's peanut butter cups and our hearts filled to the brim with more fond memories to share.

There was a time I didn't know where I belong, but now I think I do.