Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bad mojo

Go away.

I know it's self-indulgent to rant about bad luck and all, but I do feel like today was possibly one of the worst I've had in awhile. In the grand scheme of things, I'm very aware that everything that happened really isn't that big a deal. But it still sucked ass.

First, my day started with a pleasant ride on the MRT. Despite how we were packed like sardines, close enough to intimately kiss our neighbors, a fellow passenger had the nerve to let one go. I swear this person must've been standing right in front of me because the stench was INTENSE! So much so that I literally choked. No kidding.

I choked.

And when I stopped at the dry cleaners to pick up my favorite silk scarf, they handed it back to me without its accompanying pouch. What??! How is that possible? I had left the scarf with you along with its protective pouch so it wouldn't snag. Why would you misplace or toss out something like that? One would think that paying $8 to dry clean a single scarf wouldn't render that kind of mistake. Well, I was wrong.

Here's the clincher. Hands down, winner of the day.

I timed my journey to the acupuncturist, arrived at the building just before the clouds decided to weep, breathed a sigh of relief only to find out quickly that Google Maps recorded the old (and therefore wrong) address. In the middle of nowhere, I stood surrounded by pouring rain and HDB flats, cursing in my head.

After many phonecalls to the acupuncturist discussing the best route, we decided it was best that I stayed where I was until the rain subsided. So I did. There I continued to stand for another 45 whole mins, during which I called the bf to swear at everything and anything possible including God for the rain. Not my finest moment in 27 years, I must admit. And I'm deeply sorry, especially to the bf who had to endure every bit of it. You're a champ hon.

The college kid standing next to me overheard the whole conversation and looked away when I stared back with eyes that may as well have been darts. Quietly, we stood there watching the rain. When I got a call from the acupuncturist saying they were closing and that I should cancel, I decided to (as they say) fuck it and braved the rain.

It was a painful decision. And my 300 euro suede shoes along with their silk lining will never recover from the mean muddy puddles. Though I can't help but feel like it was the right one, because things got better after. On the way to the place, with raindrops dripping down my chin, I felt like a scene from Survivor the same college kid's hand on my shoulder as he offered to hold my hand down a slippery hill. That, was a moment of kindness worthy of a Reader's Digest column (silver-lining #1. Yes!).

When I arrived at the acupuncturist, I was welcomed by a clean lofty seating area, friendly staff and warm towels to dry myself with. This was followed by a productive conversation with the doctor and a 30 min session with needles and Chinese meds. A real adventure (silver-lining #2. Woohoo!).

After the appointment, I stepped out into the streets and to clear skies. On the way to the train station, a free shuttle bus stopped right in front of me (silver-lining #3) and I hopped on.

Just when I got home tonight, I found a new t-shirt I've worn only once with tie-dye patches around the collar. Presumably caused by fading in the sun. Really? This day can only get better. This day can only get better. This day can only get better.

I'm gonna hit the sack before something falls on my head.

Thank God for great company and chocolate cake. I'm grateful to have friends like you