Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...and off to KL

We're back from Bangkok!

I have lotsa pictures of this gray yet colorful city
to share. Lovely as the trip was, the bf and I were unabashedly relieved to be back. Oh how we take fresh air and well-engineered highways for granted. Before I share those pics, here are some from my recent trip to Sydney as promised:

Agency rooftop. Pretty cool views of the Opera House from here. One can also see our company's name from a helicopter in the sky

Meeting Adrian and Matt before dinner. This was us before we ate half an animal

Cozy breakfast at Strangers with Candy with Adrian. The rain ruined our beach hopping plans but that's not to say we didn't squeeze in an hour before my flight home! Flying with sand in your toes is highly recommended

The most touristy picture taken on Oxford St with the "3 Saints angel"

Sass & Bide flagship store. Shopping was great with the AUD down

Adrian sending a message out to the girls

Homemade lamb curry and cricket match back at Anita's place. What was supposed to be a quiet night ended up being...


I love spontaneity. We had jager bombs after jager bombs followed by pints of Hoegaarden. These guys rock

One of my favorite shot of the crew. CS skipped his flight to Penang the next day just to dance the night through. That's commitment to partying I'll say

Ramesh and me

I don't know what I was doing, but it probably merits discretion so shhh...

Kung Fu fighting (?)

Oysters at the fish market to cure a hangover. We're an adventurous bunch

Breakfast was followed by a walk on Coogee beach before hitting the airport

More pictures here> here> and here> I gotta start packing for KL now. Enjoy the New Year celebrations everyone!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

That's been my PC greeting this year making sure to include everyone who celebrates neither Christmas nor New Year's even though I really don't know any of the latter.

Today we christened our new Bosch oven with roast lamb, turkey, cream cheese pumpkin muffins and plum cardamom spiced cake. With baking, the world's instantly a better place :)

Sunny yellow KitchenAid mixer. Check.
Ultra cool oven. Check.
Spatula. Check.
Baking ingredients. Check.

We'll work on that.

My recent trip to Sydney was pretty amazing. Anita's itinerary covered all the basics and I couldn't have done anything without her lovely friends. Will try to post updates soon. My only caveat is that the bf and I are flying off to Bangkok tomorrow for a much deserved 5-day vacation. Then I head straight home for the New Year's. So "soon" is going to be pretty relative. Meanwhile, here's a teaser:

View from our office in the city

At Bungalow 8 by Darling Harbour

Fluffy scrambled eggs on toast with Vegemite

Coogee beach on a Sunday

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Off to Sydney tomorrow

...for work and with some luck, a little bit of play

Each night as I sulk and seethe hunched over my laptop wallowing in despair over the downturns in my life, I can't help but be reminded of the bf's family and how their
vocabulary changed overnight to include words like electromyography, Rilutek, therapy, neurologists, mouth exercises, atrophy and feeding tube.

It's rather unfortunate.

And while I try to see that other perspective in life as I should, I sometimes find myself trapped in this chronically morose bubble of mine. Mommy dearest says I should let go and life will play out as it should. The dear bf simply asks "why let the small things bother you?" followed by ever-welcoming kisses. I guess that's where my learnings lie as a twenty-something in this world.

For a handful of reasons, I'm feeling blue today.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It never really hits you

until your right cheek's resting comfortably on the cool porcelain in the, well...

You get it.

3x Miller Lite
1x Whisky soda
2x Moet & Chandon
5x Shot
2x Whisky green tea
1.5x Jager bomb
Sips of Jameson
Half a jug of something orange

Flushed down with 3x iced green tea.

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