Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life's a bitch when you're a teen

Today as I was looking up forums and news on why SEVEN was down, I stumbled upon a bizarre news article about a boy who chopped off his penis and tossed it down a well, all because his gf broke up with him. I kid you not!

Later as I read more news I saw yet another shocking teen-related one of a 15 year old girl who committed suicide as a result of excessive bullying at school :( This really saddened me because I experienced similar woes at that age.

Apparently her teachers witnessed the bullying and did nothing. It's kinda like how our teachers used to look at us with sad eyes as if willing the bullying to stop. I have vivid memories of my dad making trips down to school to meet with our principal only to be told everything was fine when they were not. This formed my incisive sentiments on the Malaysian education system and those involved in upholding it.

If you ask me today how I feel about what happened, I would say I'm more than fine. In fact, it's been so long, I barely recall half of it. The more painful things that stay with you are usually those that you don't speak of. Like how your friends didn't stand by you when they could, or the traces of trauma that follow you through life until they dissipate away over time. Or if you're lucky, over an apology.

These articles got me thinking about "growing up." Today, I'm way past my tweens and teens. And while I may have thought I knew a lot then, I really knew nothing. Even at 19, I hardly knew any more than I did at 15. Now at twenty-something, I know even less!

It's funny isn't it? I bet the 19 year old boy didn't know losing a penis for life is way harder than losing a gf. Perhaps the latter isn't such a big deal because well, we all move on. Bet the nine bullies didn't think the law would come down so hard on them.

Guess people learn over time.

Link to the Malacca photos as promised: click here>

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You say Melaka, I say Malacca

...courtesy of the bf

This past weekend, the bf and I drove up to Malacca. It was the perfect journey accompanied by a perfect soundtrack cleverly titled "You say Melaka, I say Malacca," hence this post's title.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we hung around the lobby waiting for our room to be ready. While we were flipping through magazines, a Japanese staff member greeted us with great enthusiasm for about 20 long seconds, in Japanese! As I suppressed my giggles, the bf simply said, "We're not Japanese." That minor incident left me tickled, though we couldn't help but feel sorry for the confused man who was later teased by his colleagues.

My mom, aunt and sisters dropped by to say hello and to share a cuppa or two. We had lunch at Nancy's Kitchen where a large cockroach greeted us before it met its demise and a very large Nancy didn't, greet us that is. *Sob. The latter disappointed my little sister who spent half her time guessing if Nancy really was Nancy, and mustered up the courage to say hello only to be somewhat "snorted at." So much for Nancy's cozy little kitchen.

We were so excited for nyonya food but were let down by excessively sweet kuihs and uninspiring dishes. Though we couldn't get enough of Jonker88's cendol and Chung Wah's chicken. Super yum! The rest of the weekend was spent swimming in the hotel pool and soaking in sea salt baths. Why can't all weekends be this long and lovely?

Our room at the Majestic Malacca

Old-fashioned floral tiles and cookie jars. Way to reach a girl's heart :)

Afternoon tea with the ladies

Cendol at Jonker88. Gula melaka is delicious! Great reco Shuqs!

All that yumminess triggered a Macarune idea

Chicken rice balls at Chung Wah

Packing up and ready to hit the road

Toodle-oo Malacca!

More photos to come. It's been one looooooong day and I'm just glad it's over.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can't wait...

  1. for date night #5 of 2010
  2. for my turn to organize date night
  3. to see my family in April
  4. till all my current projects at work launch well and good
  5. for our next vacation to the States and my first time in Canada
  6. for our weekend retreat to Malacca where I can finally dive in a pool for a swim
  7. to bake for Macarune's April Variety Pack event
  8. to lose 5lbs and feel like my old self!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another inch caused no harm

Homemade strawberry shortcake, redefining lazy Saturdays

Guess what made its way here this weekend?

The Alexa Mulberry bag in oak! Finally, something perfect for work and just fun enough to mix-and-match with spring's floral gear

I've been waiting for the Mulberry store to call me back about the over-sized version since I was there in Jan. But last I checked, the bag sold out all over Europe causing Singapore to be on the "country waiting list." The one you see above is slightly smaller, which although nice, is hardly practical for work

Through much collaboration with Suen, YC and Megan, this one made its way to Singapore shores from Hong Kong. Thanks guys! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

An ad hoc meal

Lately I've been working notably long hours. Project launch after launch has kept my team up for hours at an end, programming, testing, tweaking, designing and pausing only ever so often to hyperventilate. Not surprisingly, the weekends involve unglamorous moments huddling with coworkers hunched over laptops and discussing quotes during cigarette breaks.

Ahh... The lovely world of advertising =.=

That's really what got me planning a home-cooked meal for Sunday. It was my only attempt to 'comfort the soul.' And what's more comforting than fried chicken with good ol-fashioned sides like creamed corn and chilled coleslaw I ask you? Very few things.

While there may seem to be an element of Southern-ness to this meal, it wasn't the original intention. I was mostly inspired by the ad hoc fried chicken kit we got from Williams-Sonoma during our last trip to the States and my new ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOOK, Thomas Keller's ad hoc At Home.

The book's super fun with handy tips and tricks from the chef. And because I've never been to The French Laundry or Per Se, this was my first real experience with Thomas Keller. I love every part of it from the chalked writings to the simple recipes. It's so down-to-earth!

Though disappointingly so, everyone agreed that the fried chicken was underwhelming. I'm not sure if it's because the brine and coating kit was a little old (we got it last Aug?) or if it's because we're just so used to tasty local fried delicacies that are often flavorful and heavily spiced.

The creamed corn was good with a refreshing kick from lime and cayenne, and the biscuits were buttery, though nicer served warm. Everyone commented that the coleslaw was a little too tangy but I liked the simplicity of it. Plus you're hearing this from a girl who eats lemons. Raw

Regardless, everyone had a great time cooking and eating :)

The part of the meal that excited me the most was Deb at Smitten Kitchen's St Louis gooey butter cake. The cake was as the name suggests, gooey, buttery, and super yummy! I love how it's part bread and part cake

Nothing like a beer to wash it all down. Monday, here I come!

More photos on FB>

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.
I will not let you bother me.

I am hardly breathing now cause I'm furious. Enough to rant but not enough to throw anything (lucky bf). Checking out cause it's about time.