Monday, March 8, 2010

An ad hoc meal

Lately I've been working notably long hours. Project launch after launch has kept my team up for hours at an end, programming, testing, tweaking, designing and pausing only ever so often to hyperventilate. Not surprisingly, the weekends involve unglamorous moments huddling with coworkers hunched over laptops and discussing quotes during cigarette breaks.

Ahh... The lovely world of advertising =.=

That's really what got me planning a home-cooked meal for Sunday. It was my only attempt to 'comfort the soul.' And what's more comforting than fried chicken with good ol-fashioned sides like creamed corn and chilled coleslaw I ask you? Very few things.

While there may seem to be an element of Southern-ness to this meal, it wasn't the original intention. I was mostly inspired by the ad hoc fried chicken kit we got from Williams-Sonoma during our last trip to the States and my new ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOOK, Thomas Keller's ad hoc At Home.

The book's super fun with handy tips and tricks from the chef. And because I've never been to The French Laundry or Per Se, this was my first real experience with Thomas Keller. I love every part of it from the chalked writings to the simple recipes. It's so down-to-earth!

Though disappointingly so, everyone agreed that the fried chicken was underwhelming. I'm not sure if it's because the brine and coating kit was a little old (we got it last Aug?) or if it's because we're just so used to tasty local fried delicacies that are often flavorful and heavily spiced.

The creamed corn was good with a refreshing kick from lime and cayenne, and the biscuits were buttery, though nicer served warm. Everyone commented that the coleslaw was a little too tangy but I liked the simplicity of it. Plus you're hearing this from a girl who eats lemons. Raw

Regardless, everyone had a great time cooking and eating :)

The part of the meal that excited me the most was Deb at Smitten Kitchen's St Louis gooey butter cake. The cake was as the name suggests, gooey, buttery, and super yummy! I love how it's part bread and part cake

Nothing like a beer to wash it all down. Monday, here I come!

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