Thursday, May 28, 2009

Because we were once cheerleaders

Remember the door with no sign?

Well, it's got one now.


I'm letting you in on a secret but don't tell her neighbors: the adhesive from
good ol' 3M is strong yet removable! The bf thinks it'll be stolen in no time but I'm hoping that my lousy paint job will discourage theft. Hope you like it Suen! And I hope it sticks.

The sad truth made to look pretty.
'Cause I'm in advertising

I was gonna make it your favorite color but my acrylics don't come in shocking pink. Just don't let the linings of your wallet see this

Monday, May 25, 2009


The bf and I went on a date night this weekend.

It wasn't what most would expect. There were no martinis. No new dress. No waiter with stiff collars and leather bound menus. No popcorn nor dim lights. Just a simple night out in our flip flops, holding hands under the rustic neon street signs.

My very first Singaporean beef noodles. The "dry" kind is served with gooey beef broth gravy and slices of meat, or in this case, beef balls. Condiments include fresh lime, cincaluk and chili sauce. Click on the cincaluk link if you've never heard of it. You're in for a surprise

Here's the bf making a new face. Sometimes I forget he's turning 30

The noodles are sold at about $5 per bowl. Considering the location, it's really no wonder you see a slight increase (compared to the usual food court prices). Most of the stores on Purvis street were designer furniture stores or frou frou dining establishments! Btw, I do hate the double f word. Almost as much as I hate "chi chi" *cringe. Will make an attempt not to use it again but I really can't think of an alternative right now

At Killiney, another first. Check out the cafe behind the bf. It's called Mind Cafe and has a bookshelf full of board games. My little sis wouldn't stop raving about this place

Coffee shops like these are known for their kaya toasts filled with thick slabs of melting butter

Oh so dorky
I love you just as much,
if not more,
now than before

The bf knows how to whip cream to soft peaks and assemble 4-layer cakes now cause we baked a cake together for Marcus' birthday! See more pictures here>

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One man's trash...

Pretty shot of a tiffin box sold at Toast
taken from Mer Mag's blog (one of my favs)

Yet all I can think of are those dreadful catered lunches mommy dearest forced herself to order when we were kids, for fear that our latchkey ways would leave us malnourished.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tried a new fruit today

It's called arbutus unedo. Shaped like a lychee with the color of strawberries, and just a little tart with a sweet finish.

Every bit of adventure counts on this little island :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day

mommy dearest

Self-pampering Como Shambhala Invigorate bath salts and balm from Lane Crawford. The perfect blend of eucalyptus, geranium, lavender and peppermint for the long days we know too well

I know I'm not there to celebrate with you or hand you your gift mom, but you know your daughter's only a phone call away no matter when or what.

Love you lots.

See Nat's Home made degustation pics here>

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I got a haircut on a whim, ate curry fishballs on a stick, got my nails done (hot pink - not my idea!), had yeong chi kam low for the first time, sucked down bowls of wanton noodles, danced repeatedly to Jai Ho at Suen's apartment, got sunburnt on Shek O beach, sucked down more bowls of wanton noodles, had afternoon tea with AC at Mandarin Oriental, gulped down jello shots from the back of my palm, discovered Poutine fries drenched in what seemed like KFC gravy (yum!) at Cul de Sac, learned that I dislike Feather-Boa-like establishments, met some cool new friends, shopped myself silly at Causeway Bay and Lane Crawford, dined at Caprice, overcame the urge to buy an Alexander McQueen scarf I don't need and then came home in one piece.

Now what?

Back to the grind. I'll let the pictures do the talking. There aren't many, but they will have to do:

Getting our nails done at Feel Good Factor, highly recommended for its professionalism and pretty colors. Yes I'm easily sold like that

Suen taught me how to eat wanton noodles with vinegar. Apparently it helps to wash the gan shui (soap water) away

Yes, it happened. When Suen suggested that we go for a quick pampering wash and dry, I decided to do a little bit more. For months, I've been toying with the idea of donating my hair to Locks of Love and now I finally can. If you're gonna chop off more than 10 inches of yours, do consider a donation. The guidelines are easy peasy lemon squeezy. Really

Ta-da! Suen and me at Cul de Sac after hitting Dragon-I

...savoring post-clubbing Poutine fries

Scones and clotted cream at The Mandarin

With Hermes and friend at Volar

Staging Suen's collection of Nici sheep became an activity. I call this one Whispers of a Black Sheep

Dessert at Sift with Suen and Azura

See more pictures here>

HK is a city full of character. There's a touch of old world charm amidst new age architecture, making it hard not to love. For years I visited with my family going from one dim sum place to another, hopping from mall to mall. Often times, HK just felt like a lavish shopping trip for a teenager. This time around, with Suen helping organizing the itinerary (not to mention being older and all), it became the most productive city vacation I've had since meeting SW in Vegas. Thanks so much for having me Suen!