Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jeeves is moving on

That just means we'll have less of this

He, on the other hand
...will miss out on No.5's awesome wings

...Ed's awesome-ness *cough

...his partners in crime (especially when he's feeling like a big fat dork!)

...the ladies

...Kit and me (you better!)

...and yes, Edardy again. Especially when it comes to the "special moments" (like this one over here)

A bittersweet goodbye from the team :(

We're gonna miss you lots! Don't forget your promise yeah?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh baby!

Baby Arwen is here, and I'm just about a month late? How pretty is her name? Congratulations dear Rachel on this dreamy package from the stork!

Baby's first gifts, inspired by Mr. Bunny

Click here for more updates from mommy on the lil 'un.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Life of Riley

Bali was exactly what we needed.

The few days we were there, I could barely keep my eyes open because they were in such a dreamy state, opened just enough to see the beauty in things, but closed ever so slightly to simply relax. We stayed at an obscure villa that came with its own pool, sun deck, bed on the sun deck (mmm...), kitchen, entertainment center and private chauffeur. While built to seem like it's off the beaten path, the place was within walking distance to the coolest hangout spots like Ku De Ta, Samaya, and Laksmana/Oberoi Street. Don't you just love how these words form on the lips? It's like a song.

I couldn't have been more enamored with this island, and yet I've only seen a small part of it. Everything was bliss to the senses. The coupling of nature and city-like entertainment blew my mind. It's not hard to imagine why some tourists choose never to leave. Of course with the luxury of refreshing early morning dips in the pool, affordable spa treatments, cocktails by the beach, candlelit baths, and fine local dishes with crispy pork rinds (fortunately not experienced all at once) we couldn't complain.

There was one bad experience, and it was snorkeling at Nusa Dua. We should've known it was a bad idea. US$35 for a single yellow fish in murky waters!!? You've gotta be f*king kidding me! I knew when the bf said, "Let's get the hell out of here and make the most of our day at the beach" trying not to swallow any of the water from the choppy seas, that we make good traveling buddies.

On our last day, both he and our driver Sugi, were such troopers entertaining my idea of stopping at a local design shop to pick up a blouse I fell in love with, having seen it on a chic girl at Ku De Ta. We drove down Seminyak street looking out for store signs, stopping wherever we could. It was hilarious.

Admittedly, our only regret is that we didn't have enough time to travel to Ubud, which you can be sure is on our list as a next destination.

Lunch at Kafe Warisan, a restaurant by a paddy field

The food was good here. Kinda like homemade French food from your local bistro

Wang wee wang wah wow wow. That's the sound I feel I should be making, looking like this. Wang wee wow wow wow

After dinner at the ever popular Ku De Ta

After an even more memorable dinner at our villa, by a pool of petals. The bf revealed his surprise for our 5 year anniversary, having lied about that suspicious newspaper-wrapped box in his luggage. I know it's not another 3 weeks before the real day but wow! It's a lovely present, which I promise to share another day. Thanks love!

Yes. That's my bf over a romantic dinner


The ambiance made up for the silly company. Lol

Early morning dip with petals in the pool. It's quite an unusual pampering feeling, almost like a spa without the aromatherapy. This reminds me of the time when the bf and I celebrated one of our anniversaries at the W Hotel in San Francisco. The staff had formed the shape of a heart on our bed with rose petals. And for the longest time, we tried so hard not to mess it up. Didn't have that problem this time! *Splash

I don't know why I never considered spending hours at the beach tanning and reading as an ambition. Mom, when I grow up, that's just what I'd like to do. Be a sunbathing book expert. Now that's legit

Fresh pineapple from a one-woman operation on the beach

The bf at the Babi Guling (suckling pig) restaurant

This Indonesian dish is a myriad of flavors, mainly a suckling pig served in many different ways. Seasoned meat, crispy skin, blood sausages, crackling, and knuckle (I think?). Our driver told us that it's the "complete Balinese dish because it has a little bit of everything. Vegetables, meat, soup and rice. Oh and crispiness too!" Gotta love the crispiness. We definitely got ripped off here at 68,000 rupiah, when babi guling should only be about 10,000 rupiah per person.

Oh well

Sunset by the beach

So busy making a statement that we missed the sunset!

Last meal in Bali: nasi campur ayam (chicken mixed rice) at Ibu Malek

It's so cute how the restaurant was in a mini lush tropical forest/garden

We tried to play it safe on the plane what with the recent H1N1 scare, but it was really uncomfortable breathing through the masks. The bf playing the fool. What am I gonna do with this man? *Shakes head

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