Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jeeves is moving on

That just means we'll have less of this

He, on the other hand
...will miss out on No.5's awesome wings

...Ed's awesome-ness *cough

...his partners in crime (especially when he's feeling like a big fat dork!)

...the ladies

...Kit and me (you better!)

...and yes, Edardy again. Especially when it comes to the "special moments" (like this one over here)

A bittersweet goodbye from the team :(

We're gonna miss you lots! Don't forget your promise yeah?


Sue said...

r these ur work mates? cool!

Ling said...

what promise?

veron said...

It's always hard when one of you workmate leaves specially if it is one who brings laughter to the office. Looks like you have really cool colleagues!

HoneyBubble said...

hehe...until next time, dude!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

sue: yup!

ling: he promised we'd get together at least once every month to "b*tch about work" to which i corrected (n he agreed) that we should only meet to say great things about our new jobs :)

veron: they're awesome! n it's unfortunate we're breaking up so soon

kit: gwa ju gui mah?

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