Saturday, June 30, 2007

The National show at Bimbo's 365

That's where the bf and I were last Wednesday.

One word: sublime.

I liked the opening band (The Broken West)
and looooved The National. Don't tell the bf, but I think I can see myself marrying any one of the members. Especially since they were yuppies before. I mean I've only played a recorder in 1st grade, but THAT (yuppie-ism) is something we have in common! How bout an uber talented Hobbit-like (in a strangely attractive way) guitarist? There are 2 to pick from. Brothers you see. Or the "cool dude" in the aviator glasses. Yum. Drummer? Everybody loves a drummer.

I'm not myself.

See the lead singer in the video? We were standing right in front of (or beneath) him, leaning against the stage. Aside from the noisy LA dude whose breath reeked of ciggies and the pretty dumb blond "hair-twirler" who squeezed her boobs right into everyone's faces, it was a great show.

And they ALL wore Diesel jeans.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I lied...

about going on hiatus

It's no laughing matter. Macarons are taking over my little kitchen!

Vanilla bean macaron

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monsieur Lambert arrived today...

and he's here to stay.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you:

Oh how I love this man’s books

At first view, it may seem as though this is a child’s book. It could very well be, but it’s really not. In Monsieur Lambert, Jean-Jacques SempĂ© captures the French essence ever so charmingly in just 58 illustrated pages. Page after page, secrets and conversations of different frequenters of Restaurant Chez Picard unfold before your eyes. It’s so quaint and lovely I can’t believe I own it. This is going to replace The Audrey Hepburn Treasures as my bedside book.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More macarons for tasting

Black sesame macarons cooling

Neatly Ziplocked tasting bags
From left: lemon, black sesame & pistachio

I'm on a baking hiatus starting today

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Drunken night with the camera

My agency had a wine tasting night. What can I say?

It started innocently enough
like this

Which slowly turned to this

The grumpy bf picked me up and headed
straight to Bamboo Village so I'd get fed
but I sure don't remember eating

After 1 minor puke fest down the street


Note to all: baking macarons while tipsy is not advisable

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When the weight of the world...

...has got you down

When you've had a bad day, and none of the following helped:

  • Boss acknowledging the fact that you've "had a shitty morning" by bringing flowers to your desk
  • Hour and a half worth of yoga
  • Multiple hugs and kisses from the bf
  • Jumbo crab cakes and fries at Houston's
  • Fresh laundry courtesy of the bf
  • Perfectly round macarons staring at you from inside a tupperware know there's nothing you can do but hit the sack.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Chocolate Luxemburgerlis for daddy dearest who hardly eats sweets
but never says no to a Snicker's bar

Sorry I can't ship them to you dad! They'll just be inedible by the time they arrive. I can assure you though that they aren't as good as Nasi Lemak and Penang prawn mee! Guaranteed.

Picture disclaimer: these were actually supposed to be choc macarons, but of course being the most painful ones to make, they ended up dry and teeny (beats me). But more than a macaron, they turned out to be bite-sized minis like the swiss variety. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia. I had made my own macarons originally, but they turned out to be an eye sore (for me) so I took the picture down.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another lazy Saturday

U.S. Open weekend = staying home with Tiger and the occasional Food Network channel-switch

Despite being bored to death this morning, I had my head blissfully rested on the bf’s chest as he stared fixated at the TV. Come 2PM, we headed to Whole Foods where I stocked up on almond flour, other baking needs, Hoegaarden and Honest Tea while the bf picked up tickets to The National at Bimbo’s. Curious for more baking sources (I’m really going broke pursuing this hobby of mine) I suggested we check out Rainbow Grocery.

Upon entering the surprisingly huge market, we were stunned by characters who shopped there. Never have I encountered such an eclectic mix: lanky moms with tattoos of dragons and snakes; old women in long bohemian skirts smelling faintly of gardenias; young women in braids and candy-striped socks; and men in flannel shirts sporting cowboy boots. We were the only non-vegetarians there without a single tattoo on our L’Occitane scrubbed skin. A hurried man brushed past the bf roughly as if to say, “There’s no room for yuppies here buddy.”

I knew then that I heart Rainbow Grocery (especially having been a “vegan”-who-ate-dairy-stuff for 3 whole months, sophomore year in college). They have a huge selection of everything for vegans and vegetarians (Tip Nora!). And not to mention organic soaps and cosmetics. Yes, organic cosmetics. Amidst my awe, I forgot to ask about their mascara selection for lilun.

After stocking up on more unnecessary groceries, the bf and I hit the North Beach fest. I have nothing much to say about the event except that I loved the animals and hated the people. Drunken “boys” with their collars up eyeing Marina girls, who btw all look the same after awhile, beers in hand. So much for being a family event. We spent 15 whole minutes listening to some terrible band butcher The Beatles (I feel just as bad John!), shared a spinach potato knish and headed straight home. As usual, the bf did his magic with the grill and made us a glorious dinner.

Lazy Saturdays are the reason why I’m still alive and kicking.

Random pics from the store:

Sometimes it ain't bread we need

You heard 'em. Stand back

Poor lone red bench accompanied by rich ol' ATM

Random pics from the Mission:

Thunderbird stuffed with garbage

Spencer caught the bf's eye

Random pics from the car:

I got this as a peace-giving for my vegan friend during college
Apparently I "ruined his life" by revealing the fact that gummy bears
are NOT vegan (what with gelatin and all)
Now it's my go-to snack whenever I'm feeling "good"

Random pics from the fest:

Someone hit the snooze button

Random pics from home:

Grilled monkfish and rosemary lamb chops
with a side of Japanese rice

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A special someone's 17th

You've grown so much since our "alphabetical animal" game nights and I'm proud of you in many ways you probably won't understand.

Happy sweet 17 dear.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Melinda and Ed's

Went to Melinda and Ed's new place for dinner tonight. Refreshing Japanese salad and homemade Zhajiang Mian!!! Thanks for inviting us. It was all really nice and you have a GORGEOUS apartment. Moreover, I got to meet Oliver and Lola who changed my mind about small dogs.

Taking a break from baking
this weekend

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It all started with raspberry macarons…

…jewel-like lemon thumbprints, lavender macarons, and coconut crisps. Which trailed off to more cookies. And even more cupcakes.

Then came the bright violet flowers in a pot… colorful mismatched mugs …and more flowers in pretty bright pink from Borina (thanks darling). Like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, I had a blast organizing yesterday’s tea party. With all the pinks and purples, it was no surprise that Lewis Caroll's story ended up being the theme (in my head).

Small and cozy with no one yelling “Off with her head!” Just how I like it.

The silly bf tried to help by
making browned butter frosting

Clockwise from left: Raspberry macarons,
lemon thumbprints,
raspberry thumbprints & lavender macarons

All set up

Gently crackling a basil eggling - gift from Siow Wei
More captioned pictures from her cam (link below):

Tea party

Takeaway box for everyone
Clockwise from left: coconut crisp, matcha cupcake with petal frosting,
hibiscus macaron, matcha cupcake, raspberry thumbprints (hidden: lemon thumbprints),
raspberry macarons, lavender macarons and coconut cupcake

Glad you could make it guys!
I can’t wait to hear your feedback on the stuff. *Hugs

Once our guests left, I put together a mini plate for the neighbor
(Clockwise from left: browned butter cookie sandwiches,
coconut cupcakes, assorted macarons)

...and the bf immediately
started prepping his grill for dinner

The Soprano's season finale, a glass of wine,
and fish grilled on cedar wood. Ahh... bliss