Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More macarons for tasting

Black sesame macarons cooling

Neatly Ziplocked tasting bags
From left: lemon, black sesame & pistachio

I'm on a baking hiatus starting today


Olivia said...

omg those are perfect!! they totally look better than the ones i see at bakeshops!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

it took the following to get this far

toasted almonds: 5lbs
blanched almond flour: 2lbs
dishwashing (kitchenaid only): 108 x
piping bags: 3/4 of the 100 u gave me
failed attempts: 5
trips to the market: 18
macarons consumed: countless

that's y i'm on hiatus :) actually i lied.. just baked vanilla ones tonight!

shuquan said...

are macarons the Only things you can bake? |=/..

Jia Meei said...

Don't ever go on baking hiatus! I like checking out the macaron pics even if I can't eat them *big shiny eyes

And thank you so much sweetie! Do keep me posted on the mascara thing :)

danielle bumblebee said...

i'm only bakin macarons non stop cause they're challenging.. so it's waaay more rewarding when they come out perfect..

The bf said...

Baking hiatus my perfectly-shaped ass... she's still baking! :)

Olivia said...

chris- your perfectly shaped ass?? my dear boy.. if u continue being surrounded by miss. chong's macarons, which have used up at least 10 lbs of powedered sugar, i guarantee ur ass isn't at it's ideal shape... if it ever was.. ^^

i eat dozens of freshly baked cookies at work everyday.. trust me.. bums + sugary sweets = less than perfection

Wei-Wen said...

they look like cookies & cream ice cream, just solid... *slurps*

thethinker said...

Those look delicious!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks wei wen!

thanks thethinker!

i'm blushing with pride..

livie: chris does have a perfectly shaped as.. lol :) no really..

The bf said...

Liv,... You haven't taken a longer look at my ass recently. They are sublime. *Serious face*

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