Friday, June 4, 2010


Busy, busy, busy.

We haven't relaxed at all since we got back from Cambodia, and now the bf's leaving for the States in 5 hrs (!) locking down reservations on where we're gonna stay in Vancouver. He's such a man-of-the-house, it makes me smile just looking at him go.

This past month has been tough on the bf who pretty much worked all through the days, weekends and public holidays as well. Then there was my team at work, striving to meet deadlines for everyone and everything. Typical for the industry, though awfully tiring nonetheless.

I've slept less than 6hrs every night for as long as I remember trying to juggle work and fun, and I must say it takes effort. Are we supposed to choose one over the other in the life? Surely not! Am wishing my parents a safe flight home from Eastern Europe where they spent 3 whole weeks traveling.

Looking forward to the day we get to do the same.

Can you tell who these folks are?

Love mom's ruffled silk top.

Dad looking dashing in his yay days

Mom at 21. Why do they look so much taller then? I don't understand how we grew up with steaks while mom grew up with just eggs, and she's still taller than all of us girls

And while I'm at it, guess who?