Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day in Napa

Our day trip to Napa was so beautiful the pictures did it enough justice. So for once, I'm just gonna shut up and let them tell their tale.

We didn't actually make it to Ad Hoc cause there was just 1 menu and none of us were that hungry. The foie gras duo plate, rabbit with basil crust, roasted white chicken with foie gras ravioli, tender leg of lamb, black forest and banana soufflé cake from Auberge du Soleil were real (and delicious) though. So much so that the (Dexter) crew (minus Dan) agreed it was the best meal we've had during Livie's trip.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fattie from the get go

We watched Shrek the Third today, and it was a let down as expected. Choppy, random and abrupt. It was as though a bunch of Dreamworks people got baked in a room and made this movie. Regardless, I got excited when I saw the gingerbread man and his gum drop buttons (and the trailer for Ratatouille).

This made me realize how as a child, I was always drawn to books where illustrations of food were in abundance. Alice in Wonderland – huge tea party spread. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – toasts and tea at the stag’s home. Enid Blyton everything – ’nuff said. So I told Livie, and her response was “Huh. Fattie from the get go.” Once again, I can’t disagree.

The hike that never happened

Per our itinerary, we were supposed to hike (Mt. Tam) on Saturday but of course scrapped the plan once we stuffed ourselves silly with farmer's market goodies. Here are some pics illustrating our ability to over-indulge yet again:

Waiting in line for a Mexican breakfast
Prima Vera

Clockwise from top left:
chila-something, munching Livie, (chili today) hot tamale,
and masa bean cakes

Livie wanted to try macarons
I have to say, they weren't phenomenal compared to those
I've had in Paris (they use almond meal instead of flour *gasp)

Blueberry tart

Pomegranate thumbprint

Berkeley 4th St. shopping

Michael Chiarello's Napa Style store

Pre-dinner ice cream from Sketch

We ordered, yoghurt, earl grey and
coffee granita

The long-awaited Chez Panisse

They weren't kidding when they said it's like eating at someone's house. The ambience was homey and we loved the fact that we could wear our hiking gear (me: shorts, Livie: rolled up jeans) and still be served. My rocket and prosciutto pizza was comforting, the bf's sole was buttery and flaky, Livie's halibut was just right. There's no better way to end a night than with good food, but really that's what we've been doing EVERY night. Except for last night, when we scrapped another plan and ended up with pretty bad Taiwanese food. Sorry Liv!

Something we found at a Thai grocery store
as we were buying snacks