Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Facts fuelled by "me" time

This time, I'm not kidding.

I'm REALLY taking a break from baking. Sure I got my first order of cupcakes for Sunday. But that aside, I'm staying away from more baking at least till Monday. Instead, I'm gonna gimme some "me" time. Yes flour! You heard me. Damn you and your stupid friends sugar. And Valrhona, don't think I love you just coz you have a fancy name!

So what do I do with this “me” time?

Create a "me" list:

  1. I had my first taste of foie gras at 9
  2. I have never dyed or expressed desire to dye my hair
  3. At 13, I dated a boy for a month. The relationship promptly ended when he tried to stick his tongue down my throat.
  4. I have neither been too thin or too fat, but grew up convinced I was overweight
  5. I’m an environmentalist at heart, but sometimes I throw an apple core on the grass because it's, well, biodegradable
  6. Toast dripping with butter is my favorite food on earth. But every time I eat it, I get a fever afterwards
  7. There are quite a few people in this world I’d rather not have to deal with for the rest of my life
  8. I might hesitate spending $30 on a top but have no qualms about spending $100s on skincare
  9. Béchamel sauce tastes much better if I didn't know what went in it
  10. I love Paris no matter what
  11. Pandan kaya is just as good to me as crêpe Suchard
  12. I have low tolerance for blown up titles in jobs, politics and life
  13. I know myself a lot less than the bf does
  14. The bf is by far my greatest discovery at twenty-something
  15. I’ve been to 18 different countries in the world
  16. I’ve lived only in cities. 6 cities to be exact. I could very well be a country girl at heart, but I really don't know
  17. I will eat anything once
  18. I won't do everything once
  19. I dream of living in South of France. Le Cordon Bleu is just a step closer
  20. I look better in pants than I give myself credit for
  21. I over-indulge in everything but am addicted to nothing
  22. My life will always be a fairy tale
  23. Kissing ass doesn't cut it for me. Even if it means a million dollars
  24. There are people who come and go in my life. And I think of them fondly as I sip my morning coffee
  25. My mom told me that coffee made kids stupid. I now drink more tea than coffee
  26. I did retail at Banana Republic and kicked ass
  27. Every job I've had has been advertising-related down to (my first job ever!) selling ad space for The Daily Free Press at BU. Every job but the 1 at Banana Republic
  28. I have fond memories of trudging through piles of snow feeling the cold wetness seep through my classic adidas in Boston
  29. I prefer Pretz to Pocky
  30. As a kid, I made my own mini candy store with cardboard, mini jam jars and rewrapped cut-up sweets
  31. My most memorable “alone” time in life involved an hour long boat ride from Montreux to Le Bouveret after a 6 hr flight, swimming in Lake Geneva, walking down Sixth Ave. in Manhattan for interviews, and stepping into my dorm room for the first time at BU
  32. I was head cheerleader in high school
  33. At 10, I disobeyed my teacher by rollerblading in class. She slapped me and I laughed
  34. Max the dog bit me in Oct '05 and left a scar on my left cheek
  35. I crave chocolate only once a month
  36. I developed allergies at 21
  37. Despite graduating with honors, I didn't do the walk. No reason
  38. I love and hate being Asian
  39. When living in London, I ate fries and mayo almost every night before bed
  40. The bf has “Slow Show” by the National as his ring tone when I call
  41. I’m clumsy
  42. I performed a “story-telling” of Roald Dahl’s The Brolly Man during junior high, and cussed twice right into the microphone because I forgot my lines
  43. I used to think all bloggers were narcissistic. Still do
  44. Talent over looks on all counts
  45. I would move to London just for clotted cream (and Selfridges, and Waitrose, and )
  46. I don’t understand chick flicks and was shocked to hear that some of my closest friends swear by Legally Blonde for motivation. You know who you are
  47. I’m not the least bit religious
  48. But I just laid on the kitchen floor asking God why my candy thermometer broke


serene said...

49. i made friend with a new classmate once by telling her one of road dahl's story, and asking if she thinks the girl behind her is pretty :P

M said...

I followed your link to Montreux, damn is that place beautiful. I need some "me time" there. I think I've just found my latest obsession: fantasizing about Montreaux.

I liked your list by the way, you've had a lot of interesting experiences.

Olivia said...

Miss. Chong... SERIOUSLY, how do you have time to make macarons, jot down long lists about yourself, maintain a relationship with one of the most genuinely kind-hearted guys I've ever known, AND remain productive at work??

I'm beginning to think our bestfriend-ship is a love-hate sort of relationship.. I adore u to death, but hate the fact that I can't do all that you do.. oh wait, maybe if I didn't spend HALF my life in traffic I'd be living the Chong dream..

Danielle Bumblebee said...

50. i no longer find that girl pretty. instead i think she's a meanie! stealing bobo's artwork n all

51. the experiences i've had in life only span as long as twenty ++ (not revealing when) years. i'm hoping for a lot more adventures

52. i'm crazy when it comes to time management

53. the "kind-hearted" bf loves his ps2, macbook and flat screen tv as much as he loves me. that leaves me quite a bit of time to do my own things :)

Suen said...

53. I tell people that eating food by roadside stalls is disgusting and get seen wolfing down roadside food with my family

tsk tsk...CLASSIC

Danielle Bumblebee said...

lol.. rolling on the floor clutching my stomach..

petrina said...

hello jen, long time no see! suennie told me of your blog and so i decided to check out your macaroons! haha..

wanted to say the points you listed down on yourself was quite accurate..

miss you and really wish we were all back 3 yrs ago in London and attempting to take a pic of the firemen we called to fix our broken toilet.. :)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

wow pet.. haven't heard from u since london :) sure i miss those nights.. brilliant memories thanks to miss-lose-my-shoe-at-the-club.. lol.. it's nice hearing from u..

Brown English Muffin said...

I just love BR and fries and mayo is tasty it really is, but why do you get a fever after toast and butter???

Oh yes I came across your blog after hitting the Next Blog link at the top.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

b.e. muffin: i love br too! though less so lately since it's crazy expensive in sg. i dunno y i get a fever eating toast. it's a mystery really. thanks for stopping by! :)

♥jas said...

dropped by to comment that...awww I was just reading your blog and i must say you made me miss paris very very much with those lovely macaroon pictures! really really love your blog! (: thanks for sharing these amazing foodstuff!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

hi jas! paris is lovely. good thing is, direct flights from sg aren't too pricey nowadays so u could pop over any time :)

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