Friday, July 13, 2007

Baking inspired by Tartine

From left: fresh fruit tart with a just-sweet-enough crust
and the world's most satisfying chocolate pudding

Not those. Those we got from Tartine Bakery.

I have to admit. As a child who grew up in Malaysia, my experience with delectable slices of kuih and agar-agar left no room for "pudding love." Even so, there's something to be said about this rich Scharffen Berger chocolate pudding that lasted the bf and me a full day. And that's saying a lot. Other goodies we got included the signature Tartine quiche and unexpectedly, the gougère which I had craved all of a sudden.

Bite after bite of the gruyère speckled gougère (say that 10 times quickly) the bf and I couldn't hide our contentment. It was just the right thing to savor before dinner. The fluffy-layered interior brought back memories of the teenier versions served as an amuse bouche at Parisian bistros. As tempted as I was to get another 1 (we finished it even before reaching Bi-rite down the street) I resisted, and decided to make my own.

Bite-sized gougères with gruyère, parmesan and fresh thyme
freshly-baked right after our trip to Tartine

I'm taking a day off tomorrow to join the bf in his last day off before starting his new job. Guess where we're going for breakfast at 7AM in the morning?

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