Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another lazy Saturday

U.S. Open weekend = staying home with Tiger and the occasional Food Network channel-switch

Despite being bored to death this morning, I had my head blissfully rested on the bf’s chest as he stared fixated at the TV. Come 2PM, we headed to Whole Foods where I stocked up on almond flour, other baking needs, Hoegaarden and Honest Tea while the bf picked up tickets to The National at Bimbo’s. Curious for more baking sources (I’m really going broke pursuing this hobby of mine) I suggested we check out Rainbow Grocery.

Upon entering the surprisingly huge market, we were stunned by characters who shopped there. Never have I encountered such an eclectic mix: lanky moms with tattoos of dragons and snakes; old women in long bohemian skirts smelling faintly of gardenias; young women in braids and candy-striped socks; and men in flannel shirts sporting cowboy boots. We were the only non-vegetarians there without a single tattoo on our L’Occitane scrubbed skin. A hurried man brushed past the bf roughly as if to say, “There’s no room for yuppies here buddy.”

I knew then that I heart Rainbow Grocery (especially having been a “vegan”-who-ate-dairy-stuff for 3 whole months, sophomore year in college). They have a huge selection of everything for vegans and vegetarians (Tip Nora!). And not to mention organic soaps and cosmetics. Yes, organic cosmetics. Amidst my awe, I forgot to ask about their mascara selection for lilun.

After stocking up on more unnecessary groceries, the bf and I hit the North Beach fest. I have nothing much to say about the event except that I loved the animals and hated the people. Drunken “boys” with their collars up eyeing Marina girls, who btw all look the same after awhile, beers in hand. So much for being a family event. We spent 15 whole minutes listening to some terrible band butcher The Beatles (I feel just as bad John!), shared a spinach potato knish and headed straight home. As usual, the bf did his magic with the grill and made us a glorious dinner.

Lazy Saturdays are the reason why I’m still alive and kicking.

Random pics from the store:

Sometimes it ain't bread we need

You heard 'em. Stand back

Poor lone red bench accompanied by rich ol' ATM

Random pics from the Mission:

Thunderbird stuffed with garbage

Spencer caught the bf's eye

Random pics from the car:

I got this as a peace-giving for my vegan friend during college
Apparently I "ruined his life" by revealing the fact that gummy bears
are NOT vegan (what with gelatin and all)
Now it's my go-to snack whenever I'm feeling "good"

Random pics from the fest:

Someone hit the snooze button

Random pics from home:

Grilled monkfish and rosemary lamb chops
with a side of Japanese rice

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