Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Chocolate Luxemburgerlis for daddy dearest who hardly eats sweets
but never says no to a Snicker's bar

Sorry I can't ship them to you dad! They'll just be inedible by the time they arrive. I can assure you though that they aren't as good as Nasi Lemak and Penang prawn mee! Guaranteed.

Picture disclaimer: these were actually supposed to be choc macarons, but of course being the most painful ones to make, they ended up dry and teeny (beats me). But more than a macaron, they turned out to be bite-sized minis like the swiss variety. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia. I had made my own macarons originally, but they turned out to be an eye sore (for me) so I took the picture down.


Daniel said...

mmmmm chocolate hamburgers

Danielle Bumblebee said...

lol.. u sound like homer