Thursday, August 23, 2007

A friend once said:

"All you stress about is what you're going to bake tonight"

And tonight of all nights, as I sit in front of my laptop staring at a presentation deck thinking about a million different things, I can't help but snicker. Come to think of it, my mind hasn't been at ease since graduation. It's really not easy to do what seems like the simplest thing in the world: making your own living.

All my life, I grew up sheltered with everything handed to me. After graduation, I knew I could've maintained that pattern but I chose to steer away instead. As satisfying as the past 3 years have been, it's not like I'm any less stressed. There's a shit load of things to think about. Rent. Bills. Job security. Job performance. Family. Relationships. Personal development. Did I mention family?

Then I think about those who worry about whether or not their loved ones are cheating on them when they're in perfectly stable relationships. And those who concern themselves over wearing a too-long skirt, or dying their hair a too-blonde shade. To each its own I suppose. I'm not undermining other people's woes, but sometimes it's worth putting things into perspective. After all, I'm admittedly still thinking about what I'd like to bake tomorrow night. But that's number 99,999 on the list.