Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tourists for the day

Another lovely Sunday with the bf - this time not-so-lazy. We walked for miles and miles up and down the SF hills. Boy are we proud of ourselves. SF folks'd be stupid to waste sunny days away, especially when they're so hard to come by.

Perfect xiao long baos for twice the price of our usual dim sum place

Breakkie at Yank Sing

"Look what I found!"

"A magic bus"

Tribute to Garcia

Fooling around at Fort Mason

Candy apple treat by the pier

When we got home, the bf started his grill while I popped the bread in the oven and made some guacamole.

This is SO good I could eat it forever

The bf called this the "Jesus meal." Grilled trout rubbed with fleur de sel with capers and lemon and a side of bread and tomatoes

I've been asked many times why I call the bf, the bf and not "my bf." That's because "the bf" is a character, and I would rather not change that. It's kinda like the Bumblebeegrad or the RG (the reluctant gourmet, from Ruth Reichl's work at the NYT). Plus, I do call him all other things, but that's personal :)


shuquan said...

Please make me some trout the next time I see you. Thank you.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

r u sure u like trout? there r tons of bones in 'em!