Friday, May 4, 2007

Pay-it-forward baking

I’m not one to waste things especially when it comes to food.

Just a week or 2 ago, I made lemon curd from Livie’s lemons. For the loooongest time I used it for toasts and tea. Later on I got creative and made cupcakes and macarons. It was only natural then that when I had egg yolks left from the macarons, I found another use for them: Mocha chocolate pots de crème.

Small portions only - Jamie Oliver. Just a dollop of crème fraîche and
a sprinkle of chocolate shavings makes this uber-satisfying

Leftover ingredient from pots de crème? Lots and lots of chocolate which then led to: Hazelnut macarons with chocolate buttercream.

This one's for you Suen!

Toasted nuts with some skin creates a homemade feel
Next time I'll try making 'em smooth!

Milk leftover from chocolate buttercream AND readily preheated oven set on 325 degrees F created a blinking light bulb: Parmesan chive popovers.

I’m pooped for the night. The beef stew to go with the popovers will just have to wait. P/s: leftover ingredient that will be a great addition to the beef stew: brandy from the pots de crème. Didn’t I tell you I was good?

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