Saturday, May 5, 2007

Narcissistic f***s and Paris

"Far from being civically oriented, young people born after 1982 are the most narcissistic generation in recent history," - Jean Twenge, SDSU psychology professor

This stuff is ALL over the news recently. I think it’s only appropriate that I share it with those of you who haven't been hit by the news via my very own narcissistic blog. LA Times and MSNBC generously provided journal spreads to entertain Twenge’s thought. I suppose they can’t be more right. What can I say? This generation’s whacked. But Twenge do you really have to chide Gen-Y so? There is so much to compete with in this world for young twenty-somethings today. Perhaps they deserve a break. After all, there’s no fault in broadcasting yourself or meeting at a place for friends. For more news on Gen-Y click here>

Btw, Paris is going to jail. Way to go Gen-X!

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