Sunday, May 6, 2007

"Working" over the weekend

Shh... Lights out

Today I had an unusual weekend work assignment: to watch a movie at the Metreon and feast on free (stale) movie popcorn and Coke. The sweet bf willingly came with me making it a lot less painful to wake up early on a Saturday morning. Once the movie was over, we canceled our gym plans (big surprise) and headed straight to Bloomingdale’s. There I tried on some Chanel sunglasses which disappointingly disagreed with my cheekbones and a Burberry trench which certainly disagreed with my savings account.

While I was left almost in tears, the bf suggested we drown my sorrows with food (smart move!). We made our way to Out the Door, the younger brother of Slanted Door that’s struggling to perform but is only just-maturing and relies heavily on its fabulous genes (or rather fresh produce), and ordered caramelized prawns and crispy noodles with seafood. Oh how I missed the RM9 noodles wrapped in plastic and newspaper. Here, it was just so-so (my usual rating for things that don’t make me “crave”) and $14 whole dollars - totally not worth it. As we walked around downtown with hopes of digesting our lunch, the bf inevitably stepped into Golfsmith in his usual zombie-like state. By then, I was just happy we had walked down Maiden Lane to check out my fav stores.

Now I’m home in my PJs down with a sore throat. I highly suspect the popcorn breakfast.

After an hr of tears and slight trauma, there was
a panel of speakers (as you can tell from the pic) readily available for Q&A
Such is the necessity for this industry
While the movie was oddly interesting...

...I would much rather have been watching this
Too bad. Gotta wait till June

A nice lady at the restaurant offered to take our pic,
then raved about how lovely the camera was
Just serve the food m'aam. I kid. I'm really not that mean

The (astounded) bf showcasing an Ikea plate
We have those too!

Those of you back home
Please pay close attention to the crispy noodles (to the left)
and compare them with the real crispy noodles you get to eat whenever you pls
You are VERY lucky

Nothing like a VENTI Mocha Frap to keep me company at the golf store

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