Monday, May 7, 2007

Farm fresh to me!

We’re doing the very city (SF that is) thing: having organic produce delivered to our doorstep. I was soooo excited when the first box arrived.

“It’s like unwrapping a surprise gift of goodies!” I said giddy with giggles
To which he replied, “Yeah. A gift we PAID for!”

It’s really not that expensive. Only $29 per box; which can easily last us 2 whole weeks. That’s about as much as what we spend on groceries each week anyway. Costco tracked our total spend last year and it was $3000++ for a household of 2. Go figure. As you all know, I’m always one for quality over quantity. It doesn’t hurt that the place we order from provides for Boulette's Larder and Zuni Café.

Although there was 1 fruit missing from our box (nothing a simple email couldn’t fix) I’m loving Farm Fresh to You, by Capay farms. No more snacking on choc chip cookies and Noah’s bagels at work. It’s apples for us.