Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday night (in)

The night's warm in SF, so we stayed home and grilled some Niman Ranch pork fillets. What comes after dinner? Dessert of course. It's obvious I'm still stuck in my cupcake mode. Livie was the one who first inspired me with her lovely green tea and lemon meringue cupcakes. Then we had to go to Sprinkles, which I still think is so-so, but that pretty much got me going. Somehow it created an insatiable urge to find the most fabulous cupcake recipe. To one-up Sprinkles Cupcakes??! I'm crazy. I know. But this phase shall past, like all others.

I adapted this recipe from the Weekly Dish's Lemon Sunshine Cupcakes (by Jennifer). The only thing I did different was make my own buttermilk icing and replace lemon zest with lemon oil (just didn't feel like bits of stuff in my cupcakes today). They turned out perfect with lemon curd seeped into the center part making it sticky and surprising just as Jennifer described. The buttermilk icing dripped around the sides adding an extra (gooey) touch. Yum. This is by far my next fav cupcake recipe.

Fresh out of the oven (OOTO)

The bf did all the work here
I helped eat
(and make dessert of course)


Olivia said...

u guys have the nicest dinners at home.. i'm serious.. cancel all dinner reservations for the weekend i'm visiting.. lol. in the mean time, fed ex some cupcakes over! =)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

lol.. u serious about that? with all the moolah gone over this week's shoppin i may just consider that.. :D

can't wait till u come.. we'll hold off on goin out for dinners so we can do it with u.. if u're lucky we may just squeeze in a homecooked meal or 2!