Friday, April 27, 2007

Spreading the love

As a result of my recent baking frenzy, we now have batches of goodies we simply can’t eat (anymore) lined with parchment paper and gently stored in stackable tupperwares. So what do I do about this? I spread the love.

Last night I dropped off some green tea cupcakes at my neighbor’s and being the generous Napa wine seller she is, Candice gave me 2 bottles of Californian wine. Mmm! As we gossiped about our landlord, her best friend (my other neighbor) sprung me an offer albeit tipsy with wine, to bake batches of goodies for her wedding in August! Double mmm! This would be my first gig if it does indeed happen. Surprised and slightly taken aback, I (sensibly) said “Why don’t you try this first and we’ll talk about it later?”

This morning, I shared more cakes and cookies with a few homeless dudes on the street. I may be stingy with my change (I'm saving it for laundry man!) but if you’re hungry I have dessert. At work, I handed out cupcakes like Santa-gone-nuts but inevitably got the usual suspicious “Are you trying to make me fat??!” sneer. Sigh. Love can be so misunderstood.

So I held off on passing out goodies at work, and let the bf play Santa on his turf. Btw, his coworkers are the best people to bake for. They’re appreciative, give GREAT feedback (“Maybe sweeter’s better,” “How bout adding cinnamon?” “Will you bake me a chicken?”) and love eating in general. After all where's the fun in sharing goodies with people who pick at their food right?

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