Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday (out)

It was a long day today, but we ended the night just right
with Southern fried chicken.
Yes. I really am ALL about food.

First stop of the day: 4th St. in Berkeley for Mexican
(Warned you didn't I?)

Chorizo w/ eggs and Taco Pescado (fish)
I realized today how I suck at ordering Mexican food.
Gimme a French menu & I'm cool, but Mexican?
I'm sorry, but I meant to get that other cheesy stuff
The bf had to correct my order 2x

The rest of the day was spent outlet shopping to get "golf stuff"
We went to REI/Northface/Vacaville
and I ended up with 4 J.Crew tank tops in diff colors

The total number of ribbed tanks a bumblebee needs:
this + 6 more in the laundry + the 1 I was wearing
Diff colors, same colors, with ribbons, without, embellished, striped
I'm a tank whore

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