Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm going to be honest.

I understand this blog has a shiny-happy-people feel to it -- for the most part. But it's been a blah week and everything at work's been feeling very blah. So
very blah that I'm making mistakes and wondering how and/or why. Type-A me? Making stupid mistakes! And at work! For a second, I even forgot what a positioning statement was.

Blame it on hormones or blame in on the lack of girlfriends to bitch to. I think it's all that hype planning the
bf's surprise birthday. Now there's just nothing parallel to that to look forward to.

So when a girl friend turned down a night of cocktails as planned (yet again!), I spent the evening downtown and came home with this:


Melinda said...

Ohhh...what is it? I'm dying of curiousity!

Anonymous said...

it's a BAG i bet...A BAG #@^$@&$@

u know it's me =)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

don't mind anonymous.. he's a lil nutty :)

it is a bag.. black, leather with chain strap.. i'm loving it at the moment..

agrasshopper said...

finally! why show me the box? i wanna see the real thing.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

soon i'll show it ;)

M said...

So envious! I am so busy trying to climb out of a financial hole full of medical bills, I don't know when, or if ever, I will be able to have shopping "therapy" again. I am so badly in need of a splurge. But I can be vicariously happy for your purchase at least. Hope you bought something beautiful (what am I saying, it's Chanel, of course it's beautiful). Hope the blahs have gone away . . .

Danielle Bumblebee said...

hi m,

medical bills are always a bummer (and never pleasant!) but it's what's most important.. i can empathize having spent thousands on my teeth which seems too soft to hold themselves..

the chanel bag is an embarrassing splurge.. but it took months of living in a low-rent flea infested place to get me such savings.. i'm not kidding! :) i hope u can at least find time to treat urself once in a while.. even a cup of tea n a blanket on a cold sf day can b somewhat of a "splurge".. hugs