Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wanted: new ideas for French macaroon flavors

With most things in life, I'm often inclined to pick classics over others. With macaroons however, there's something fun about reinvention. That said, the bf and I came up with a list of flavors deemed interesting/unusual and will experiment within the next few weeks. If you have any ideas (or hate anything on the lists below) feel free to share them via comments, and they may just be added to the Macarune menu.

My ideas:

3 citrus
Basil lemon
Black and white sesame
Burnt butter

Cinnamon sugar
Jasmine white chocolate
Peppermint (for Christmas)
Pina Colada
Pistachio orange
Pumpkin spice (for Fall)

The bf’s ideas:

Peanut butter
KitKat & Milo (any idea is a good idea)


Anonymous said...


shuquan said...


Mags said...

I love the combination of chocolate and raspberry.

okwang83 said...

thai iced tea
english toffee
caramel apple
dulce de leche
key lime pie

Anonymous said...

White chocolate and raspberry is good too. And exotic fruits like passion fruit or lychee.

agrasshopper said...

i hope to see... ...

sugar(does this make sense?)
yes, citrus pls
liquor(any liquor like bailey's or kahlua...should be fun for parties....oooooo i know! make it like those liquor chocs with the liquor in the middle and imagine when you bite in and oooooooh.......)
black pepper
Laksa(just kidding)
something garlic(?)
red bean

ok I am going to shut it.

Vee Ann :o) said...

butter cookies and marmalade

apple and honey

tomato and basil :oP

chocolate and carrot (no, really)

grapefruit and honey

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks everyone for ur helpful comments.. keep 'em coming if u think of more.. i'll definitely try some of these soon :)

Anonymous said...

blood orange & chocolate
vanilla almond

aM4RLic0uS said...

ooooh oooh definitely pandan
cardamom + vanilla
dark choc + chilli
banana + toffee
cinnamon + apple
pecan + maple
ginger + cloves

shiiit i'm gonna go try some of these myself. But im damn noob at macaroons.

Anonymous said...

green tea and honey
sweet potato

gwendolyn/jaclin said...

persimmon, maple/walnut, chai, date/walnut, date/marscapone, tahini (I know you do seasame already, but I'm thinking more along the lines of halva flavor), ancho chili dark chocolate, jasmine/milk chocolate (or dark chocolate macaroon with jasmine-white chocolate center?), amaretto, coconut/passionfruit, coconut/peppermint, lavender/lemon!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks for the additional feedback.. it's starting to get even more interesting now! halva? n potato? i'm loving these ideas..

Rae said...

Buddha's hand
Fig & fennel
Pine nuts
Olive oil
Brandy Rasberry
oh... Lotus Seed...
Gorgonzola and Honey (?)

Adi said...

How about Salep? Very middle-eastern, very good. It is really expensive, since it is made of ground up orchid root, but the flavor can be imitated with substitutes...

Anonymous said...

violet (have you tried violet ice cream...mmmmm!)
blood orange (yum)
Saffron (have you tried saffron ice cream...almost as good as violet.)