Thursday, October 4, 2007

Time out

The bf and I circled around the parking lot for what seemed like hours at Costco before spotting a straggly haired middle-aged woman step into her car. She looked up at us, paused for a second, and made no gesture. Naturally we pulled up nearby and waited for the reverse lights to come on.

2 minutes later and no movement, I stepped out of the car, walked towards her (wary of being intrusive), gave a big smile and asked politely, “Are you leaving? If not, we’ll try finding another spot.”

With an unmistakable look of fluster followed by various hand gestures, the woman exclaimed, “Could you give me a moment? I NEED to get my LIFE together!!! I stepped back suddenly aware of how unusually close her seat was to the wheel and said, “No pressure. Just checking.” Within seconds she drove off.

Slightly perturbed without knowing exactly why, I sat in the car thinking: how bad does this woman feel about her life to come up with a statement like that? And to a mere stranger in a parking lot too. She must really be going through a rough patch. How does one come to a rough patch like this?

As I stepped out of the car holding the bf’s hand tight, I know that I don’t ever want to find out.