Sunday, September 30, 2007


We threw the bf his 1st surprise birthday party this weekend. I'm telling ya -- keeping secrets from the person you live with is no simple feat. It took weeks of planning, finding room in the fridge to hide food wrapped in multiple layers of Ziploc, sneaking phone calls during the walk home from work, pretending to bake for "a friend's order," and of course telling a few more white lies. What I found to be the most difficult task though, was abstaining from noting "Chris' party" on our shared Google calender.

Of course it all worked out in the end -- despite my anal retentive nature. Thanks Borina and Terry for helping plan!

The crew checking the birthday boy's status
while wearing (paper) soldier hats mind you :)


Borina looking like a soldier

Roger looking like a soldier

The bf really looked more confused than surprised holding a pizza in hand that was meant to be my lunch


Partner in crime

And so the grilling begins

At our "patio"

Adobo and lemon-herbed chicken skewers

Melinda and Ed
Looking good in your hat Mel!

The spread

Army boy gets little army tank candles
on a Valrhona ganache-coated cake

Milk chocolate souffle cupcakes filled with green tea tapioca and green tea frosting inspired by Cupcake Bakeshop

Melinda serving her amazing strawberry spinach salad

Main courses

Shinta arriving just in time!

Terry going camouflage

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Chris!!!
Happy Birthday to you! *Kisses

"Make a wish"

The bf thinking hard of a wish

Now, who wants a slice?

4-layer Valrhona chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and ganache frosting. I'm not a big fan of the ganache-frosting texture as opposed to the usual silky smooth buttercream, but it makes a sturdy coat. Most importantly, the bf loves it

Slices for everyone

And so the party ended.

Happy birthday dear. I can't think of anyone else who deserves this more.

I promise we'll still do Benihana's for your birthday on Monday.


okwang83 said...

so cute! happy 1-day-early-bday mr. lau!

screw benihana... i'm sure chris would be satisfied with 5 packs of indomie w/scrambled eggs..

Jia Meei said...

Did you bake all of that?!

You're amazing.

The bf said...

Oooh... 5 packs of indomie w/ scrambled eggs, AND washed down with a pack of Mild 7's? :)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

it's all for the bf :)

okwang83 said...

mmm indomie and mild 7s... fond fond memories of better days...

agrasshopper said...

WAH! Why must your bday happen AFTER I leave?

Love the army seems appropriate for this SG boy.

Wish I was there... ...

can I have a surprise party planned by you too? please?

tripleeyelids said...

sorry i couldn't make it =(

but please bill Miss Kay for MY birthday cake. thanks SW!