Saturday, October 13, 2007

Experimental Macarune batch

Orders aside, there were so many reasons to bake last week I just couldn't resist.

1. First the interesting suggestions provided by readers of this post got me going. Thanks everyone for your comments!
2. Also, I really wanted to thank Catherine for her article on Macarune
3. And finally, Livie hasn't had a Macarune macaroon since we last met and our short trip to LA was just the perfect excuse

Of course, there's always a con to all this baking: the poor bf hasn't seen me in weeks. Sorry hon! I'll make it up to you.

From left: Red velvet, black and white sesame, pomegranate, and Thai iced tea

Black and white sesame macaroon. This combo has a lighter flavor to it than the usual black sesame macaroon

To offset the lighter flavored shell, I filled the macaroon with black sesame paste (80% sesame seeds, 20% buttercream)

This, is by far my favorite macaroon out of the batch. Pomegranate. The tangy seeds from within pop in your mouth leaving a juicy surprise

In addition to the Macarune excitement this past week, I also found this thread on Chowhound this morning. Imagine that.

More Macarune posts coming up!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I share your fascination with Macarons and have toyed with the idea of trying to make a go of baking them for the public, since there don't seem to be good ones in SF. I also have a BF who feels neglected when I make Macarons... Best of luck, and if you need a helper for a big order, I'm sure plenty of folks in San Francisco would help just to watch you fold the egg white with the sugar and nut flour!

MH said...

Hi Danielle! So glad the word on Macarunes is out! :-)

I heard good things from C about the Thai Iced Tea macaroons. Next time I get a chance, I'm going to order that, the pomegranate, and the red velvet macarunes. Can't wait!

okwang83 said...

hey bestfriend, johnnie and i are at work staring at the pics of your macarons... he's already fiending for them.. he claims he would sell his body for them...

thanks again for the delicious yumyums.. miss u already!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

anonymous: thanks! meanwhile, it's pretty much all me, in the kitchen, alone, grinding almond flour.. the bf actually complains more when he has to help! :)

mh: thanks mel.. wouldn't have happened if it weren't for ur support.. so i'm VERY grateful

livie: tell johnnie i'll take free hotel stays for more macaroons n he can keep his body!

angryman from 3rd world country said...

$%#@%(%)#@%*#@) ALL THIS MACAROON BUSINESS #@^%@#^@&$#)@3 WHERE ARE MINE? MINEEEE ^$#&$#