Friday, October 12, 2007

Macarune in the news!

After weeks of anticipation, the first Macarune article is now published on
KQED Food Blog: Bay Area Bites.

What touched me most was the article title: Move Over Pierre Herme. Thanks Catherine for your interest in Macarune! (And thanks Melinda for introducing us!!!) Macarune's already received a few orders from the minute the article was posted. Before we met, I knew you as the ever-so-engaging-food-writer. Now I know you as the ever-so-engaging-food-writer with a sweet tooth army I'd love to share more sweets with. Will keep you updated on new flavors!


tripleeyelids said...

congrats babe!!! =)

when's the next tasting? hee

M said...

Congratulations! I admire your motivation and drive in getting your bakery going! I wrote a comment on the other site too. Haven't tasted your creations yet, but I admire them from afar all the time through your blog. Less weight gain that way (just kidding, I'm waiting for your bakery to open up someday so I can buy singles of everything I like)!