Friday, March 30, 2007

My first ever wish list

I love making lists. At work I prepare a “to-do list” (a trait I got from Viv) which I check diligently. Once work is over, I move on to my moleskine notebook where my shopping lists, birthday lists and errand lists reside. You know you really love lists when your first blog entry begins with a list. The only list I’ve never really been a fan of is the ever popular wish list. Just the thought of a wedding registry (wish list nonetheless) makes me cringe – how do you know what people can/cannot afford? Do you think your relationship with the purchaser is worth a set of cutlery or a simple retro toaster?

Maybe I think too much and the only way to avoid hating anything is to try it for myself. Since I’ve never been one to ask for things (my family can attest) I came up with a wish list noting the few “wishes” I’d like to achieve in the next few years. Realistically the list is in order of what I think is more likely to happen first. launched
Mini Cuisinart food processor
Adina Reyter gold tiny circle necklace
All of Dorie Greenspan's books
Translated PH10
Camping with a giant tent
Manage an online bakery
David Yurman Classic Blue Topaz Bracelet
Cooking/craft class for kids
Vacation to Hawaii
MacBook Pro
Weekend in Seattle
White Red Sox cap Thanks Livie!
07' tan
Puppy (Chow chow or Wheaten terrier maybe?) My family's got Scarlett now, so I guess that counts
Illustrate and author a children’s book
White BMW X3/or grey X5 depending on where I’ll be living
A mere month in NYC
Job in London/Shanghai/Beijing
Original Dr. Seuss painting in my bathroom
Trip to Santorini
My own Travel/Food show
A year in South of France
Minimalist backpacking in Tibet
A small boat with a fridge
Cottage in England
To raise my kids in Africa

Unconditional love

This will most likely change in time. But for now, I think it's enough goals (wishes) for one life time don't you?

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