Thursday, March 29, 2007


My friend Karie sent an email out today asking if anyone wanted to join her for the SF marathon. Interested, I looked up the different course options and thought to myself, “Hey I could probably do the ½ marathon. That’s not too bad. Worse comes to worse, I could switch to the 5k run. After all it’s less than $100 to join. PLUS I get a FREE t-shirt.”

Yes. It’s true. I’ll do anything for a t-shirt. If you must know, that’s how the guy who started Girl’s Gone Wild made his $$$. He offered t-shirts in exchange for pictures of drunken adolescent girls flashing (and doing umm other stuff). And they did. Of course I wouldn't go that far. But running a marathon! That's a major achievement right? The last time I ran a marathon I was 7. My memory of that day remains vivid(ly dreadful) come to think of it.

There was the faint sound of gunshot in the air. As I paced myself, I was shoved from behind, slipped, and fell face first on the freshly tarred road. Before I could get up, a bunch of heartless people (grown ups AND kids alike) trampled on my small 7-year-old head with their spanking new Nike shoes! It wasn’t a pretty scene. Maybe I should run this time if not just to get that memory out of my mind.

So I emailed the bf asking if he was interested, and his response to ½ marathons was:

to prepare you for 25km.. you need to run 5km comfortably 1st, then 10... then 15.. .then 20... then you go for 25. that's the only way to train... if not you develop serious cramps and problems during the marathon. that's when you see people who are ambulanced out of the marathon...

also... if you don't have proper running gear.. you develop nipple/armpit rash from wet clothing... shin splints from improper warmups... and toenails get raw and 'mushy'.... toe nails WILL get blackened for months, and toenails CAN fall off.

just so you know...

’Nuff said. No marathon for me. Thanks NS! All your fault!

Karie called the bf a "baby." I think they're both riots. Kisses to you 2 for making my day.

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