Friday, February 9, 2007


I'm a maniac of a twenty-something who does nothing better in this world than buzz around like a bee. I buzzed around when I was still in college, buzz around at work, buzz around in the kitchen, buzz around at home - you name it. So it's only natural (like honey!) that the bf nicknamed me bumblebee. Why a graduated bumblebee you ask? How does that even make sense? Well it's not because I just got out of college (I graduated way ahead of my class - not to show off or anything but it's just imperative that I make that clear since it greatly affects my life in various ways). It's mostly because as a twenty-something who can now look back at highschool pictures and go, "Boy was I young then" I can safely say I've graduated from a list of things I'm proud to announce:

1. all forms of higher education that got me a B.S. in Communications - the cert's chucked somewhere in a luggage
2. from living at home (although that's something I won't think twice about should I be in my home country - I love you mom and dad!)
3. from cheap whisky/soda in a Pepsi bottle to yummy homemade cocktails from my bar at home
4. from a teeny dorm room with Audrey posters everywhere and where clothes clean/dirty stay in the laundry bag to a real San Francisco apartment
5. from eating chocolate every night to eating oranges every night
6. from Progresso to homemade chicken soup
7. from worrying about my weight to loving my body as it is
8. from Glamour to Businessweek(.com)
9. ...

That said, all my chattering and buzzing have graduated to the form of a blog. A little late in the game I know, but it's never too late to save your loved ones from your constant bzzhting by spreading it out to the world..

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