Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tea for two

Afternoon tea at Brasserie Les Saveurs

Lately, the days have been going by too fast. I can't tell if it's because most of them are dragging on with endless conference calls or if our lives are just brimming full of plans. That's why it's refreshing when you get a chance to sit down with a friend and chat over tea for hours at an end.

Cute Steph and our hot plates: salmon quiche and dim sum

We managed to taste a little more than half of what you see here. Quick review: the yellow macaroons were nice and tart. The little dome-like passion fruit desserts (bottom and center) were simply decadent. Anything chocolate with gold? Yum

I liked this picture, but it beats me why the hostess tilted the camera this way. When asked, she didn't even bat an eyelash. Maybe I'm just out of synch with today's trends. I am after all into traditional afternoon tea when the world's living on Pret A Manger and Au Bon Pain

We asked our server to pack the last two scones from the our and he tossed in a couple more before wrapping it up nicely in a box. What service!


I canceled my Citi credit card today, cutting the last established connection I have with the United States indefinitely.


Petrina said...

This reminds me of our teenage days, the 3 posh brats having afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton KL. How I miss those!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

lol.. u're right.. that's y i always feel so lost when people ask me "what's there to do in kl?"... no one shares my love for endless shopping and afternoon tea like u girls do.. please make a trip down so we can revisit those days..

p/s: do u realize though how we ended up doing the same things when we were in london? :)