Monday, February 23, 2009

One step at a time

Vanilla bean and strawberry gems

My macarons aren't perfected. Like their baker, they are temperamental and in need of more care and attention than usual. Because of the change in environment, little adjustments need to be made to encourage the occasional rise: a slight reduction of sugar, a different turn of the hand when folding, the change of baking paper brand.

For all the symbolism, I'm glad this batch turned out better than others. That's not to say the following ones are going to be successful but I guess the fun part really is trying.

Sentiments in the form of pink paper and ribbons

Packed these up for Steph before our afternoon tea at St. Regis but couldn't bring them with me cause of the rain. Now they're sitting in the fridge waiting patiently for willing adopters


veron said...

Danielle - so glad to see you baking macs again. I'm sure you'll get your macaron mojo just need to adjust to new environment and ingredients...these look delicious and if I was there I'd love to adopt them.

Mags said...

They look so pretty!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks for the encouragement! i baked another batch this weeked and they came out fairly ok.. hazelnut macarons with coffee buttercream and whipped choc ganache..