Sunday, March 29, 2009

All things gooey

Rainy weekends in Singapore usually mean a lot of baking. This weekend happens to be full of chocolatey goodness. There was a massive Dorie Greenspan triple layer Devil's Inside Out cake to celebrate Aunt Virgie's bday, some chocolate nests with speckled eggs for Easter and older chocolate French macaroon photos to appreciate. No macaron baking for me when it's humid and sticky. I'd rather sit back and enjoy another movie from the bf's library (this time it's Focus Feature's bio on Harvey Milk, which was fantastic).

Macarons forming skin

One word. Addictive. It only takes a favorite flavor to draw you back in

Dark chocolate nests with speckled eggs

And finally, the show stopper triple layer Devil's Inside Out Cake. Dorie's recipe called for 8" pans and because I only had a 9" one, I ended up doubling the recipe to make 3 layers!

Nothing like a tall glass of milk and cake before bed

Rainy days in SF used to mean staying in with homemade soups and browsing online stores. This was when the economy showed signs of promise. Here we are, miles away and months later, staring longingly at books we've always wanted but never did buy. The bf's and his bluesy music scores. Me and my cookbooks. As we haven't splurged on anything since the Big Move (my CC bills are surprisingly filled with nothing but supermarket and restaurant spendings) we thought, "What the heck!" Sure there's a recession, but people always need books. Right? Convinced, I am glad to announce that I will be the proud owner of the following amongst others (ahem) in 2 weeks:

Alinea by Grant Achatz
Pure Dessert by Alice Medrich for that NorCal feel I miss so much

Can't wait to devour these.


veron said...

great to see you baking macarons again. You will love Pure Dessert. Alice Medrich is a genius!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

i can't wait!