Saturday, March 28, 2009


Looking back on Bumblebeegrad's result on Typealizer makes me wonder: Am I really The Doer? It's hard to believe that a simple online tool can make such personal determinants based on blog language alone. After all, words are just words, often subjective to verbal accounts. Think about it. "Why are you here?" isn't the same as "Why are you here?" Which reminds of the panda who eats, shoots and leaves. Lol. Does Typealizer read colon + parentheses smiley faces as they are? What if all this isn't really me?

I don't experience many epiphanies. Or at least, I don't recall having done so lately unless you count the not-so-accidental work related ones: "Why can't we just skip those 2 steps by using this model instead?" Ahhh....

"Efficiency's key people. Let's get this done (my way) already."

The bf, being a typical Libran, is the wiser of us two. Me? I'm well, The Doer. If there's anything I'm good at, it's seeing the task at hand and getting it done in the most efficient manner. The brain's like clockwork from 9-8, going from problem to solution, finally packaging results with a big blue bow. Inside joke. Can't help it.

While he's all about the journey and not the destination, I'm shamelessly all about the goal. Every time I reach an intended one, there's that brief moment of satisfaction before I aim for another. It's a neverending game and I play it alone.

There are those (mostly my innerself decked in white robes) who criticize this way of life in no less of a chiding tone, "Why don't you stop to smell the damn roses?"

God knows, I always do. I love beautiful things. Google Reader on my comp is feeding with pictures from photographers, designers and chefs throughout the globe. Every morning I wake up to sunny images of lemon sandwich cookies baked in Provence or someone's modern home office interior in Sweden. But then I'm reminded by a red-clad bugger that I need to go places and get things done on time. And sometimes when I get a moment, the halo bearing side of me goes, "You know, life isn't all about getting things done."

It's all very conflicting isn't it?

I better get going. There's a 3-layer birthday cake waiting to be frosted and it's on my to-do list.