Thursday, July 24, 2008

The BIG move is happening

It's official. After 7 months of pondering the pros and cons of every scenario
possible, I've finally decided to move to the land named after a lion.

With all the packing and baking (how often have I used these two verbs in the same sentence?) I need to do, it's hard to enjoy whatever time I have left here in the States. This has been home for the past decade, and I just know there are countless things I'm going to miss very much. Right now though, there's no time to think about them.

If you'd like to pick up something for the home or an out-of-the-ordinary garment for this Christmas' Ugly Sweater Party, I'm having a garage sale this Saturday the 26th from 9AM-5PM and another one Sunday the 27th from 11AM-5PM. Pretty much everything in our apartment but my beloved Kitchenaid's going to be up for sale at low-low prices.

Teaser. 10% of what's for sale

Other random treasures:

Antique wooden furniture
Bags (small and big)
Book shelf (as shown)
Books and more books
Braun impressions Multiquick Handblender
Cleaning tools new
Clothes new and old for M/F (mostly F)
Glasses/Champagne flutes
Hats and accessories
Heater fan
Home fragrances
Kitchen appliances
Microwave oven
Phillips TV
Shoes new
Webber grill and cleaning/grilling tools
Winter jackets/coats/sweaters

Link to images of some furniture for sale. Cash only. All are welcome.

7-day Craiglist link to share>


Robyn said...

I recently found your blog and have been drooling over your Macarune goodies! I'm sorry to hear that you're moving before I had a chance to try any of them. Would you be interested in selling any of your Macarune recipes at your moving sale??? I'm sure that I would not be the only one to buy them... (better yet, how about a Macarune cookbook!)

serene said...

i wish i could go to your garage sale!

ann said...

me too...

^cherie said...


Makes u do everything!

But hey, that means i might see u here already! ;)

p.s : my blog is opened again :D

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog, especially the pics of macarons and your stories of SF (my hometown). Good luck with your move and I hope your new place is filled with happiness.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

robyn: when i started, i used the recipe from thomas keller's book bouchon then tweaked it to suit my liking.. i highly recommend this recipe for first-timers.. trust me, i'd love nothing more than to do a macarune cookbook.. it's in the works ;)

serene & ann: i wish so too.. it's really kinda fun!

cherie: i'll see u singapore! checked out ur blog n love ur baked goods

anonymous: thanks for ur well wishes..

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