Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've been told I'm not human

To be more exacting: inhuman.

Let me explain. I was lamenting to my friends over brunch how Suen and I had to leave my lil' sis in the "hotel" on her 18th birthday because she didn't feel like going out. And the response I received was, "That's not just being a bad sister. It's not human!" Eep.To my defense, we asked if she wanted to go anywhere or do anything else, but she only felt like staying in that night and we had already made arrangements to go to this place Mahiki. PLUS it was Suen's last night! So it all made sense for everyone to do what felt the most comfortable. Right?

If you're reading this sis, I'm sorry. For what's worth, we were thinking of you ALL night long. I stopped drinking/dancing past 1AM and even made it a point to get back earlier so we could make it for your birthday dimsum the next morning :)

Lil' sis and I on our walk along the Thames. Between the two us, I'm quite sure we've had 6 Mr. Softee's during this trip - all thanks to an inexplainable addiction ;)

Adrienne on the night of her 18th

Documenting our evilness before heading out

Bird (3), Suen (3) and me (1) at Mahiki. Highlighted in parentheses were the number of drinks thus far. Can you tell?

I told Bird and Suen how I looked evil in this shot, and they both nodded simultaneously. Such honesty is hard to find :) Sigh. Old friends

Me and Bird

At the "hotel." This was a major downgrade from the Met. Army barracks just didn't work for us and it made us feel doubly guilty about leaving the lil' sis behind that night. Thank god it was just for a night

Of course we did what we could to make up for the lousy stay. Ice cream at Fortnum & Mason's Parlour. Lil' sis' treat. Oops!

My Peach Melba: Chopped peaches with Raspberry Ripple with Raspberry
Liqueur and Vanilla Bean ice creams and Bellini Classico

Adrienne's Beekeeper®: Stem Ginger with Borage Honey, Vanilla Bean
and Praline ice creams topped with Fortnum’s
honey and honeycomb chunks

See she's happy!

Digging in despite allergies and all

We spent quite a bit of time in stations

This one shot highlights Adrienne drinking water from Harrod's

Once in the country with our hospitable family friends, we celebrated Father's Day and the lil sis' birthday with a garden BBQ

On an equally nicer day, Ane took us to Garson's farm in Esher to pick fruits

First stop: gooseberries!

This was my first time tasting gooseberries. I have been imagining how they tasted since watching Disney's Snow White. Remember the scene where she made Grumpy a gooseberry pie with his name on it? I did the exact same thing for the bf once but with chicken pie. So of course I was delighted to be trying gooseberries!

Here's me picking berries in the wrongest outfit ever - white leather Tod's and all. If I had known, I would've worn shorts and flip flops. Honest

Lil' sis and me with our spoils

On to raspberries

Raspberries were scarcer and we assumed that the weekenders got most of the good stuff

Ane sorting our picks as Adrienne watched

A perfect berry

Strawberries were the most fun to pick

AND the most tiring. You had to get down on your knees and look for hints of red amongst the green bushes. This was the lil' sis hard at work

We picked so few at first...

...only to be told by Ane that they were hidden beneath bunches of hay

Since I ate half of the ones I picked, we weren't left with much after all

Here's Adrienne super psyched about the We Will Rock You musical

It was a great show. There's really nothing to hate when Queen's in the picture

Followed by
Häagen-Dazs at Leicester Square

Not half as classy or dreamy as Fortnum & Mason but still good - especially since they're open till midnight! Service, not so much. I guess people get grumpy past 9PM


^cherie said...

I love your style + dresses!

Should post some 'self-portraits' ;)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks cherie! that's sweet.. sadly so i'm not that great with self portraits but will def give it a shot!