Saturday, June 28, 2008

What I learned this time around

While in London, I frequented grocery stores for cheap eats and more unconventionally, recipe cards. Waitrose (pronounced way-
troʊs) my favorite supermarket beating M&S hands down, had lovely recipe cards at their door and lovelier still a website with archived recipes. Of course I collected these cards along with their catering catalogs for Macarune inspiration.

As a digital marketer, I have to say I'm especially impressed with what Waitrose's website has to offer. Don't be fooled by the Web 1.0 looking nav bar and ever-so-simple layout. There are a million possibilities to this site. You can read a professional food blogger's post, SMS yourself ingredients to a recipe, create a recipe scrapbook, utilize unit conversion tools, plan a summer picnic or donate to charity. Naturally I'm hooked, although miles away from the actual store. Sure the navigation threw me off a little (there's a link to food, drinks and then "summer"?) but it's still quite an exciting web journey for,might I add, sadly domesticated folks like myself.

Gluten-free summer berry polenta cake, by Waitrose for Laurie's going away party

Even though I accidentally doubled the berries needed for the cake (word of advice: read the recipe!) it turned out edible

Other things I learned in England this time around:

2. It's pretty easy to spend hundreds at Myla (or as I learned, a little more than that)

...even though it's worth a million

3. UK Glamour and Cosmo openly publishes the word f*ck
4. BCBG doesn't exist in London! What does a girl do without Runway?
5. Beyond the borders of California, people are generally a lot less health-conscious when it comes to food
6. New words - mostly involving clothes because what else do I educate myself on besides baking?

British American
Boot Trunk
Cozzy Bathing suit
One thousand three hundred Thirteen hundred
Plaster Bandaid
Playsuit Romper
Plimsolls Sneakers
Quid Dollar (yes I kept getting this wrong)
Suspenders Hold ups
Vest Underwear (top)
Waistcoat Vest

...and here are some I've always known having grew up in Malaysia. This may come in useful should you plan to visit England any time soon:

British American
Bill Check
Biscuit Cookie
Chips Fries
Crisps Chips
Football Soccer
G Floor 1st Floor
Jumper Sweater
Lift Elevator
Macintosh Raincoat
Nutter Mad person
Queue Line
Sarny Sandwich
Scone Biscuit


Veron said...

ooooh...that myla set is adorable and sexy... I love the polka dot one they have on their site too...

Danielle Bumblebee said...

isn't it lovely? u should take advantage of their summer sale.. i got the polka dotted "sybil" for fun :)

agrasshopper said...

i got mocked by my friend when I was in Singapore and used the word: "elevator". Mmph!

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