Sunday, April 20, 2008


This recent post raised a lot of concerns from friends and family alike. Apologies to all who reached out. It was really thoughtful of you.

My intent really wasn't to alarm, but rather to lament.
It's been a long month of uncertainties with good news disappearing almost as quickly as they came. Like all phases, this too shall pass. I believe hope it's nothing a good cupcake and champagne party can't fix.

Seeking comfort with warm soupy foods...

...and shopping. Of course.

You know you're definitely not single when decent guys approach you to introduce themselves; and you:

a) scurry away with a shocked look on your face
b) blurt "I have a bf" before they even have time to explain their intentions
c) offend them beyond comprehension with your aloofness
d) all of the above

It seems like downtown's the place for young guys to stop girls in their tracks even when you have your iPod on. Single gals - take note.

I hope none of these guys are people I will meet again in the near future -- especially not for business. The bf was very assuring, and explained how it's normal for guys to seem pissed off every time you ignore them because it's an ego thing. I feel so sorry for coming off rude, but it's really more because I don't know how to react.



Gerald Chong said...

It's called the female self defense mechanism. Also known as 'bitch shield' lol.

Now don’t let the title fool you. When a woman uses this defense, it’s NOT because she’s a mean or angry person. In fact MANY of the girls who use “The Bitch Shield” can be really nice. (like you :P)

Chris Rock said it best: “Every day women are offered dick!”

From the moment they get up to the moment they moment they go to sleep, women are bombarded by guys hitting on them. As a result, it’s only NATURAL to develop a defense mechanism to weed out the losers.

Since girls don’t have time to talk to EVERY guy that tries to initiate a conversation, they use “The Bitch Shield” to subtly get rid of men they deem NOT worthy.

For instance when a girl uses this defensive behavior, she’ll display these behaviours

• Telling you she has a boyfriend

• Saying rude or abrupt comments

• Positioning her body away from

• Locking you out of a conversation

• Letting her eye contact wander

• Showing disinterest in what you’re saying

• Being on guard and defensive to your comments

• Or simply telling you go the hell away

So in a sense your BF was right about the ego thing but it's also common sense that people would get annoyed if you ignore them. I know I hate being ignored because I find that rude >_<

Danielle Bumblebee said...

i suppose i only have mother nature to blame then ;)