Thursday, March 6, 2008

Would you pay $900 for this


I wouldn't. How about $300? It's from Moschino Cheap & Chic, and heavily discounted from the original $900. I love the Japanese floral print, texture (100% silk) and quality (super!) but am killing myself over the price.

Thoughts? I really need help deciding before the refund date 3/8 so any comment is appreciated.


The bf said...

I would pay $900 to see underneath the skirt. Lol. Sorry hon, couldn't resist.

Petrina said...

I'd say keep the skirt. Am into red at the moment and the bubble is not too puffy that its not flattering.

And, it was a good bargain!

How I wish I'm shopping in US right now... Sigh..

Rachel said...

It's gorgeous!! And Moschino at $300... a steal. :)

serene said...

ha you got it!
looks great on you!

shuquan said...

Lol. Do it! At the same time, get me a new wallet and a bag. That wallets not my kind of style I guess. It does look great though.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

hon: i'll take it!

petrina, rachel, serene, & shu quan: thanks SO much for your comments.. i know i should follow majority's vote, but i found a stark red dress from marc jacobs n decided to go for that instead.. will share pictures so u won't b too disappointed.. :) thanks so much!

p/s: i may just buy this skirt back if it goes on sale further

Jia Meei said...

Well you look gorgeous in the skirt so... YES :)

Missed you!!

M said...

Looks like you decided to return it but it looks absolutely amazing on you. My vote, if it's still up for debate, is for the skirt. The dress is cute too though of course.

^cherie said...

Guess i'm too late!

Even though the skirt looked absolutely lovely on you, $300 is still a very steep price to pay for a skirt ^.^

To me that is :P

Unless you earn $5k and above, just for your own spending ;)