Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Summerteeth at night

True story: I stayed up so late at work today, I got a ride home from the CEO.

Of course, late is relative. Under normal circumstances I'd refuse a ride but I just
had to be home in time to complete an important Macarune order. While I baked and ate dinner that came in boxes, the bf was in the other side of the world eating a homemade sandwich. On IM he told me: "I'm eating a really neat sandwich with the crusts sliced off and suddenly had a vision of us making sandwiches for our kids."

Sorry to divulge hon - but you're so awfully cute I can't resist. Kids, I'm not ready for, but I do SO want to make sandwiches with you.

Off topic here, but see those red eyes? The other day, someone asked if I was trying to do the Billy Corgan thing with my makeup, to which I responded (slightly offended) - "I'm not wearing makeup, and Billy Corgan ain't a hot look for a girl." He laughed, apologized and commented that it was cool that I naturally had the Billy Corgan look.

Only in the U.S.

-- can a girl be considered attractive looking like Billy Corgan.

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