Monday, March 10, 2008

This weekend's account

Sunday dinner

On my way to Whole Foods today, I walked through the Tenderloin by accident. Despite being in an iPod "shield" mode, I felt extremely uncomfortable. First of all, the scent in the air was by itself, offensive. Part sewer and part dog poo, I couldn't fathom how an open street could smell like that. Then there were crack smokers openly sharing pipes, meth-addicts walking around in circles, kids my age laying on the ground covered in trash and half-naked people shoving each other as if it were a game. Once I even saw a homeless man with long straggly white hair and a boob job. I consider myself an open person for the most part, but when a lady decided to squat by a parked car and pee on the street, that was the last straw. I am never walking through that part of the city again.

It took a long walk down the pier, and an In-N-Out meal at the Maritime Park to feel better about the day.

Prior to the Tenderloin experience, I visited a nutritionist whom I had met through work. She happens to live up the street from mine, and has the greatest view possible. Coit Tower, the Bay Bridge, Washington Square Park - you can see all of it through her windows. It was just amazing. We sat for an hour drinking freshly-brewed green tea and chatting about food (what else right?). Of course I didn't go empty-handed, and had macaroons to share.

Vanilla bean with Valrhona chocolate ganache center

The 1 in the middle is green tea

Yesterday's highlight was wine country with Shinta, Erick and Sayaka. Pictures of Napa and Sonoma always speak for themselves. I will add though, that 3 wine-tasting stops and a simple dinner makes 1 very good day.

Dinner at Celadon

Totally random, but worth a mention. This Marc by Marc Jacobs dress replaces the oh-too-expensive Moschino skirt


shuquan said...

Ah, I see you are enjoying yourself over there. Shopping's fun yeah. Totally sucks here, gotta buy things online. Factory outlet's not exactly That cheap either.

suen said...

hey u know bird's sister shu quan, saw the photos on facebook...such a small world, her name is jia yun!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

kiddo do u know jia yun?

^cherie said...

Ooooo.. i love shopping!

Cute dress btw. Very gypsy? It'd look awesome with a pair of knee length brown boots!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks cherie.. i love it too.. the great thing about it is that it's so versatile n can be worn with pumps for a business meeting or boots for a slightly bohemian look..