Monday, March 17, 2008

Jumble . Hodgepodge . Mishmash

It's hard deciding what to post when your week's been a mishmash of events. First I meant to express my disdain for the gut I've developed due to a recent week-long alcohol binge in attempt to remedy an unexpected turn of events - yet again. That was a freaking long sentence, I know. Then I wanted to write about Casey's visit over the weekend. How we had dinner at The Slanted Door, whose service I absolutely abhor to this day, and spent the rest of our time doing touristy things I would never dream of doing if I didn't love him that much. After all, it's been 5 years since we last met. Of course I'm not forgetting my first visit to a strip club per someone's request (not mentioning any names here) where an "exotic dancer" came up to me and expressed empathy sympathy on the fact that I work an office job. Darling, I'm doing fine. I've also been learning Chinese on my own focusing on jian's this weekend: 见 (see), 渐 (gradually), 间 (time-related), 尖 (sharp) and 捡 (can't remember). FINALLY, I wanted to welcome the new Bumblebeegrad masthead, which I'm especially proud of because of its honest representation of a snippet in my life.

So there. All in 1 lousy paragraph.

Casey and me with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Easter Skunk.
I did it Laurie!

**Apologies for the excessive use of negative adjectives on this post. Just trying to make a point here.

Something missed in that daunting paragraph:

I had a terrible nightmare of tragedy and death last night, and woke up sweating. In the horrified state that I was, I txt'd my mom who in response wrote: Think about your (insert secret wish here) and you'll have sweet dreams. Sleep well. Love you. Moms are probably nature's greatest gifts.


^cherie said...

Btw, i love your blog! Started reading it a couple of days back and i'm definitely 'bookmarking' you :)

p.s : i'm a KL-ian too, married to a S'porean and also happen to be an avid baker who got a taste of selling baking goodies not too long ago before calling it quit due to time constraint :P

Laurie said...

I got named in your blog! I love it! :) You guys and the raccoon ROCK!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks for stopping by :) we sure have a lot in common marriage n banking aside! i tried checking ur blog, but it's password protected.. would love to see ur baked goods if u have any to share..

laurie: u're always named in this blog.. btw, i'm SO gonna have another picture taken.. will call u when i do.. lol

agrasshopper said...

the last *jian* means to pick up.

nice new masthead.

Vee Ann said...

I love the masthead, and I wish..I knew what to wish for. Much love, hope to someday visit you there, or vice versa.

Veron said...

Love the new masthead! I'm going to San Francisco next week and first stop for dinner is Slanted door. The service I had last time I went (august last year) was always feel like they are rushing you through your meal.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks everyone for sharing ur thoughts on the masthead.. will try updating it periodically so no one gets too bored!

veron: i checked out ur blog, n noticed that u're shipping macaroons.. that's great news! how r the fragile lil things being handled via mail? were u ever worried about them melting in the heat during summer? about slanted door: that's exactly how i felt when i was there.. i don't think i'll ever go back, since the food isn't all that fantastic.. n bad service just sums it up for me especially when i'm paying at least $70/person for simple asian fare! if u're ever in town in the morning, i recommend boulette's larder.. it's a real hidden gem :)

^cherie said...

Hi Danielle,

Unfortunately i have shut down my blog recently, just last month to be exact.

Again, because of time constraint but being addictive to it, i refused to sleep and i blogged instead! Lol.

So yeah, that's why i decided to shut it down, to prevent myself from blogging to have sufficient rest for the next day.

Silly, i know :PppP