Monday, February 25, 2008

When all fails...

I started the bf's car today and spent 5 whole minutes tucked into the passenger's seat reminiscing about old times.With the last-spun track from Wilco's A Ghost is Born playing on the stereo, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic for moments that weren't too long ago. Why does it feel like forever since I last experienced sunshine in the city? Has it really been raining in SF for 3 whole months? It was then when I realized, that it's been a full season since the bf left.

To be so far away from the person you love isn't easy especially when you've lived together for 3 consecutive years, spending 24/7 of your days together work aside. What amazes me most is how we didn't get sick of each other to a point of nausea! I decided (once again)
right after that moment of realization, that it's time to stop moping -- as much as I think I can't help it. We'll see each other again that's for sure. When, we don't know.

So as to avoid losing those moments in between, I turned to my kitchen for comfort.

The Ultimate Veggie Burger by Heidi from 101 Cookbooks. I've been craving a good veggie burger for months now and have steadfastly refused the frozen variety (did I tell you I decided to swear off frozen food too? That is, of course, after my last box of Stouffer's). Hence - the veggie burger made from scratch. It's great because the "bun" itself is the patty. I usually just toss the bun out and wish for an extra patty so eliminating it altogether was perfect

The filling: micro sprouts, avocados, beefsteak tomatoes, and a sprinkling of paprika

Served with sparkling POM juice and blueberries, this made a hearty lunch

Leftovers allowed for an avocado salad with Sun Chips on the side. Sun Chips are so great they make living in the States worth while. The Garden Salsa flavor sounds iffy, but is worth a try

Chinese herbal soup from Eu Yan Sang with dried scallops and wolfberries

Organic wholewheat pasta Puttanesca with spicy tuna

This came out piping hot. I had to take a picture for illustration

Capers and olives added a lovely touch

I'll miss this kitchen the day we move because its done so much for me despite being 4 times my age. Every moment I've had here with friends, family and the bf remains memorable. I can only hope that those who live here after will enjoy it as much.


agrasshopper said...

I love your kitchen too! sooooo BIG and spacious.

I want you to make the veggie burger for meeeeee.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

1 veggie burger coming up..

btw, i got u jelly cause i figured u didn't cook.. no one messes up konnyaku jelly :)