Saturday, February 23, 2008

From home





The great thing about being home (both the bf's and mine) is that breakfast is always served promptly in the AM. Here we have fried chicken nuggets with piping hot Milo in matching boy and girl mugs! It made me feel like a kid all over again

My snack while shopping - a boxful o' M&S cereal. The sales people weren't too fond of me. Must be the choc-stained fingers

I had an Affogato at Häagen-Dazs every day while waiting for the bf


Greedy me couldn't resist wanton noodles and char siew while at the HK airport despite being late for boarding. I practically swallowed everything (boarding time), ran to board the plane (20 mins after boarding time) and fell sick throughout the flight back (14 whole hours)


What is this?

A monster sea cucumber in my herbal soup! Pretty damn hard to swallow even after my dad convinced me of its health benefits

Viv's crazy post-surgery Frankenstein-like fingers! I wish I had taken a better picture so you could see the metal bits sticking out I just received a special request (I couldn't refuse) to remove this scary pic



Store-bought Bakerzin macaroons

Evan from Bossacafez's macaroons

Mad Baker's macaroons


Petrina said...

Hey Jen!

It's okay. I heard from Suen that you were back and all but figured you'd be busy with family! :)

See you back here another time? Soon?

Take care! Lovely pics!

agrasshopper said...

so how did the macaroons taste??? Very curious to know.

despite all the crziness, I'm glad you get to enjoy yourself too...looks great! now i cant wait to be back too~

sue said...

Which macarons taste the best? All of them looks yummy licious. But i have never tasted a real french i will never know :)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks! we'll meet soon.. i'd say before the end of this year? that's the goal for now

grasshopper & sue:
all the macaroons were REALLY pretty.. bakerzin and mad baker's maccies were, in my opinion, closer renditions of the original french macaroons.. while bossacafez's were surprisingly crisp with subtle flavors.. bakerzin's flavors were subdued whereas mad baker's were tastier.. to illustrate further, the raspberry lychee mac from bakerzin tasted hardly like raspberry or lychee after a while no one knew which one they were eating.. none of the macaroons had the slight chewiness one expects in a french macaroons upon biting into the crisp shell but that's generally fine if u're not expecting it..

Veron said...

Lola is adorable. What kind of dog is she? I know she looks like a terrier of some sort? And lucky you to taste Mad baker's macaroons.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks veron! lola's a schnauzer (originally i thought she was the scottish-terrier sort too!)

sue said...

but i do wonder how a true blue french macarons taste like...really cheawy yet crispy?
lol..this is a tricky do yours macs fared or different fm the singapore yr humble opinion.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

macaroons vary, depending on where u get them in paris.. the ones from pierre herme are in my opinion, lighter and slighty more fragile whereas classic laduree ones r chewier and sturdier in texture.. pierre herme's are smaller, n laduree's slightly wider.. taste of course, depend on the flavors chosen.. i've never had a really crisp macaroon in paris, so naturally, my assumption is that they shouldn't be crisp as crisps are..

to answer ur other question (yes u're right, it's tricky!): i don't know how my macaroons fare compared to the singaporean 'counterparts'.. i guess that's dependent on a customer's expectations..

i make mine using the french method, which isn't quite as common anymore considering its volatility, n the resulting texture is extremely fragile, slightly crisp on the outside with an inexplainable chewiness on the inside coupled by the silkiness of the filling.. perhaps u should order some next time u make a trip here n assess.. i would love that :)

sue said...

thanks for yr detailed explaination on real french macarons..i can only dream of tasting them..hahaha..Have my doubt if both piere or laduree will make it to malaysian shores.

I will definately order lots fm u if i'm anywhere close to having a holiday in America...yummylicious

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